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Members of the Montgomery County Planning Commission

Members of the Abington Township Planning Commission

Members of the Abington Township Zoning Hearing Board


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are growing in number and in resistance to the BET “text amendment,” which we view more as a significant redraft of the fledgling Code that our Township Zoning Board approved and enacted just one year ago (we also believe that it would constitute illegal spot zoning, if approved).  We have attended meetings -- and will continue to attend meetings – to voice our disapproval of this proposal that threatens to drastically and detrimentally change the face of our Township; not just through this proposed project, but also because approval of this proposal will open the door to other developers who will view our Zoning Code as a suggestion rather than an ordinance.  While our resolve only grows, we wonder for how long -- and how many times -- we will be called on to explain that this proposal is not what we want for our neighborhoods or our Town Centers or similar districts.

The tactic of submitting an absurd proposal, and then scaling it back, is childishly transparent.  The latest proposal remains egregiously violative of our new Code – at 250% of maximum allowable densities, and in the heart of our Town Center, it is a slap in the face to the work that you – our Township Representatives  -- all completed just last year.  Moreover, it defies logic that you should be asked to implement such a drastic zoning change to any area within our Township, particularly because the entire zoning code was re-written just one year ago after an exhaustive and comprehensive study.

We have taken to heart the words of Commissioner Spiegelman during our January 10 Zoning Hearing, who said:  “A responsible development for me anyway starts from the street level perspective of the neighbors and the neighborhood…” And he added: “….ultimately it is the neighbors, the residents and not commercial property owners or developers who send us here and who we represent first and foremost.”  Those words apply to all of us as citizens of Abington Township, and to all of you as our representatives. 

To be clear, we do not take issue with any individual or company seeking to make a profit in our Township.  But we are absolutely opposed to anyone who seeks to profit while we suffer a commensurate loss.  This proposal, if approved in any form, is abhorrent to the character and culture of Abington Township, and it does away with the protections that our Zoning Code is intended to afford.  Moreover, if approved, it will open the gates for others to more easily benefit from “text amendments” that will result in greater losses to all of your constituents – as well as the deterioration of Abington Township.  Please bear in mind that our Zoning Code was enacted for the purpose of maintaining the beauty and integrity of our Township: it was certainly not enacted to cater to the vision of any developer, especially when that vision clashes with the interests of the people who live, work, and pay taxes here.  

As citizens of our wonderful Township, we have the absolute right to the quiet enjoyment of our lives in our lovely homes and neighborhoods.  You are charged with the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding that right.   Neither BET, Messrs. Toll and Markman, nor any other applicant seeking such a grievous change to our Code, is entitled to any gift from you, especially at our expense.  Hear our voices now.  Put an end to this ongoing string of meetings.   Please fulfill your duties to all of us who elected you to serve on our behalf, and do what is necessary to deny this proposal without any further delay.

Respectfully Submitted,
  It was signed by 4 Huntingdon Road Neighbors  and offered with a list of others who had signed on.


 Initially that list was 106 - since then it has grown substantially.  TO BE ADDED TO THIS SIMPLY EMAIL and say ADD ME  or ADD US ( husband and wife both, where possible please )  and give me just your name and your town ( ie Meadowbrook or Rydal or Willw Grove or Roslyn...)

This was delivered orally at the 8-9-18 Board of Commissioners Meeting and read into the minutes
     and delivered to the Planners at the 8-28-18 meeting with the long list of supporting signatures. 
     It was emailed & delivered via the Township  to all the addressees as well. 

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