Developer BET Wants To Write Their Own Zoning for the YMCA site.
Your help is needed. Please attend Dec 11  Planning Meeting & DEC 18th Hearing .
Protest the project & the hearing that was placed a week before ChristmasDec 18 – to favor the developer  

Far over the # of units that should /would be allowed by current zoning – for OTHER areas , too  
Removing  community service use, something we need more of, not less. 
Opening the door for developers throughout the Township to begin to rezone Abington their way
This “Center City zoning” will keep us all sitting in traffic, even for short trips. 
Other developers ( one recently proposed 60 units where it was zoned for 4) will use this as precedent
Many other issues, besides density, prevail…..



                     Please help us get the message to your fellow residents
               and to the Commissioners
that this is not in our interest. 
                            Good communities are not “someone else’s job”  Please actively help :

1)  Connect with us to keep getting the news & updates on this. Email :

2)    Donate    any amount – large or small  - for signs and flyers so our neighbors can learn  about this
       Send it to :  Herb McMahon  1046 Huntingdon Rd  Abington PA 19001

3)   Offer your lawn for a sign                                                       

4)   Learn more at Facebook page R.O.A.R.Z. and at

5)    Sign in support of the residents’ letter found at   

6)    Write your Commissioner and tell him/her  to vote no.  ( Let us know what his/her reply is !)

7)  Let us email this flyer to you  so you can share it with all the Abington neighbors you are connected to
       request at

Drive by where the former Mandarin Garden Restaurant was to get an idea of what is at stake