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The Super Wawa
on  Old York Rd at Hilltop and Baeder Rds, Jenkintown
Across from ( what may soon be the former )  Barnes & Noble - & from Chili's

 Please check all details  on this page for accuracy . If there are discrepancies please let us know so we can correct anything that needs correcting.

   This is what preceded  the current status page :


  1-8-13    On the heels  the debacle of the passed ordinance  we now receive a schedule for the  land development of the Jenkintown plot ( across from the former Barnes & Noble )  The revised plans were submitted just prior to the ordinance hearing - but were not in the hands of most of us at the time of the hearing. We had no clue what was in them .   The Commissioners ( along with the developer) decided that was not important ,  as the ordinance was not about this land development . Yet the hearing focussed virtually exclusively on this parcel - only without the real plans. It was mind-boggling to watch.  Like St Michael's - there is one travesty after another to remove the rights of those who elect the officials and pay for the staff that is executing this.
Land Development Notice  Final Plan Review   LD-1 2-04

Notice is hereby given that the Township of Abington will hold the following public meetings at the Abington Township Administration Building (1176 Old York Road) Planning Commission, Code Enforcement Committee and Board of Commissioners, to discuss the application of the Provco Goodman Jenkintown, LP.

Planning Commission Committee January 22, 2013 @ 7:30 p.m.
Code Enforcement Committee January 28, 2013 @ 7:30 p.m.
Board of Commissioners February 7, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m.
This is the application of the Provco Goodman Jenkintown, LP, for the properties located at 808, 816 and 830 Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. The applicant has submitted a land development application to construct a building of 3,500 square feet for a proposed bank use, a 4,691 square foot building for use as a proposed Wawa and canopy to house six fuel stations. In addition the applicant proposes other modifications to the site that include a drive-thru lane to the bank building, on-site parking for 70 vehicles, an on-site storm water management system, additional landscaping, lighting and the required repairs to the existing retaining wall. The property is zoned within the (PB) Planned Business District of Ward # 7 of the Township of Abington. The application and plans are on file in the Code Enforcement Department and may be reviewed upon request. If there are any questions and/or comments that you may have, please feel free to contact me at 267-536-1017. Mark A. Penecale Planning & Zoning Officer • These meetings are subject to change if additional review time is required by Township Staff or requested by the applicant.
The traffic study is here:
The ordinance that was ( sadly ) passed is here
The traffic Overview is here
And although the plans should be there - as of 1-11-13 they are not on this page

  12-6-12    POLICE INVOLVEMENT AT THE  ORDINANCE  HEARING  -  ( is it possible the wrong people were escorted out..... just an opinion)  The township wide ordinance was approved - despite no "township-wide" discussion -  with only 2 Commissioners reflecting the sentiment expressed by the vast majority of residents and amidst more "funny" business, smoke and mirrors than can be imagined....

       The ordinance (2032)  for a "Motor Vehicle Fueling Center "  was approved amidst genuine outrage  over both the process and the results  by an overflow crowd 
expressing displeasure at most of what  transpired.   One resident, who refused to be gaveled and not allowed to share important comments, while the developer had had so much time to share his, was wrestled with on the ground, after falling or being pushed while resisting the Abington police officer attempting to remove him for over-talking his "3 minutes". His glasses were broken and he hollared  out "my foot" several times.  An edited videotape is being circulated and makes it look as though the officer and the resident just had a brief moment or two of discord and then the resident was escorted in away in an easy manner, giving a totally different impression of the incident from what actually took place.
The ability of 7 Commissioners to completely deny the wishes of the residents  directly affected,  who knew and understood the details that would befall not only them but other neighborhoods, was astounding.   7 voted yes  to the ordinance  to  allow  intense gas station and mini-mart  development with 24 hr service  in locations all over Abington Township and  against all the advice & testimony of nearly every involved agency (except the Council that has the developer on its board)  and directly affected resident . The residents'  arguments had nothing to do with "not in my backyard" and everything to do with safety, property rights, health, welfare and good zoning --as well as a process that includes all voices equally . The skewed procedure was  not even focused on the ordinance at hand but on land development in a stupefying joint effort by Commissioners and the applicant to muddy the procedures completely. The Commissioners were either incapable or unwilling to discuss the ordinance in full as it affected others township wide

       But for a handful of "friends" who spoke in favor, almost all  of whom did not live near the development that will be the first one under the new ordinance, the crowd was overwhelmingly opposed with well spoken arguments.  Those that spoke in favor  addressed few, if any, of the specific issues that had been brought up that will affect all of Abington .  

       We do have a system for dealing with this kind of outrageous injustice .  If you believe that communities  have any right at all to have a voice in their own affairs, you should know who voted yes and you should let them hear about this behavior at the ballot box .  This will involve getting candidates from both parties to oppose them, so it WILL require you to not stay in your house and think someone esle is doing it .  Candidates from both parties assure that  that it does not become a political issue rather than about putting out people who do not represent those on whose behalf they are legislating.  
        Here are the Commissioners  who voted yes:   
DiJoseph ( Ward 12 ) // Meyers ( Ward 8 ) ///  Wachter (Ward 2 ) ///  Gaglianese (Ward 3 ) /// Gillespie  (Ward 13 ) // Luker (Ward 5) // Kalinoski  (Ward 6) //

     These 7 had no interest in hearing community voices nor of their advisors (The  Abington Planning Commissioners, the Montgomery County Planning Commission,  the Environmental Advisory Council, all stand opposed--and it violates the concepts of  Comprehensive Plan and the  Old York Rd Corridor Study creating, for instance situations with NO buffers against residential. )    

    Commissioners Kline and Bowman voted no----- but did not really hear the residents - they would both have allowed this intensive use in this improper location if it had certain other conditions, such as the proximity to the train.  That would have provided nearly the same result.  That Commissioner Kline is heading a Zoning Rewrite of the entire Township is somewhat frightening, if he thinks  good zoning enables cross-highway vehicle turns and encourages pedestrian traffic at such busy and already dangerous intersections .

    Commissioners Ring and O'Connor voted no, but contributed nothing to the conversation to protect residents interests.  It is more likely that with close elections coming up they were afraid to try to sustain the backlash of a yes vote. That is strictly an opinion, but had they been working fully in the residents interests, they had plenty of opportunity to cross-examine or elevate the cogent points on behalf of the residents, without any 3 min time limit as residents had and with the ability to anticipate answers would be given. They did not .

On the heels of the St Michael's debacle, it was again a  sad day for Abington. Other than the Ward 7 Commissioner ( the home team's Commissioner is always expected to support them - that's how no one ever gets voted out )the only Commissioner who actually reflected clearly what the Community was saying was Commissioner Spiegelman.  And for that we thank him.

      Having seen Commissioner  DiJoseph in meeting after meeting removing residents rights by interrupting them, gaveling them and treating them with little or no respect, I personally would recommend to her residents that they ask her to step down immediately.  Her residents  should be looking for a Republican and Democrat replacement to replace her (so that no one can claim "politics" and new candidates have equal opportunities to describe their  responsiveness).  If her residents do not have the will to do this, then the rest of the Wards will continue to receive the consequences of her stewardship until she steps down. Someone did tell me that she might not be running in the upcoming election, but I have had no official confirmation of that as of this date.

When our leaders  prefer police power to providing the proper time for residents to be heard , then change is absolutely necessary. 
    Voting out bad leaders  IS how our government is supposed to work .  If you watch this meeting when it comes on TV,  I am certain you will agree that these people have not acted in the interest of  the health, safety and welfare of our community .

   Again, this ordinance is not about the Wawa but it is about rezoning the entire township -- and about building intense  in and out traffic at  one of the most dangerous intersections in Abington.  And about putting intense activity  next to residential.  There is nothing that warranted these actions. Commissioners can undo it by passing new legislation that revises the former legislation from last week --- I also believe there  may be a mechanisn that allows them to overturn any decision they have made.  Please help us by demanding that your Commissioner send back responses on these two ideas  to share with the rest of the public on this issue . 

   The day before this vote a new proposal was submitted  by Goodman for this property. So the vast majority of us were unaware of what current proposal was even on the table at the time of this meeting. The procedure will now continue through land development plans and through to the completion  of the Wawa. 



   CURRENT PROPOSAL FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE FUELING CENTER Dec 4, 2012 The propoal will be presented again .  In general, though it has changed so many times , the proposal is for an ordinance - but has become merged with a Super Wawa (a Wawa with 6 double sided gas pumps- 12 pumps in all) at 800 & 808 Old York Road, (near Baeder & Hilltop Rd) by local developer Bruce Goodman’s  Provco Goodman company.  This has caused a great deal of confusion. 

   THIS IS AN ORDINANCE NOT A  WAWA :  First you should understand that although plans have been presented for one location, this vote on Dec 6th is not about  just a wawa in this location - it is about giving other property owners the same rights. 

PROPERTIES The Jenkintown appearance of this Ordinance: if the ordinance passes and gives Goodman this right,  there would be 3 sections ultimately in the talks.  The former Texaco station property at the corner of Baeder/hilltop and York  would  be bought and become a bank.  The next property N. On York Rd. would be the Wawa itself, with prepared food, retail, ATM etc .  And next to that store, going  north would be the canopy with six double-sided pumps underneath it. The
  gasoline and the Wawa store property comprises a little over 2 acres. Currently zoned PB - planned business ( click here for  the drawing that was valid 10-23-12- driveways and small changes may have been made to recent ones. ) 
     VARIANCES ? The first proposal was for for variances and exceptions ( 26 or so of them - including one that said he could have whatever additional variances he needed) . When that prospect looked bleak  ( he didn't have any hardships to receive such approvals) he tried next to  finagle around those approvals by rewriting the text of the zoning for the land he owns. To win that approval he simply needs to have the majority of the 15 commissioners agree with him and vote yes. 

   SPOT ZONING ?  In order to try to make it appear that it is not "spot zoning", his text amendment would not just apply to his own property, but would apply to any property in Abington that fit the same conditions.  Great . Now others neighbors- we know not which-  will go through the same loss of their rights, but without any grounds to protest, if this passes.

2000 FEET DISTANCE He had also regulated in such a way, that his competition could not build within 2,000 feet of him . His team testified 11-19-12 that it wouldn't be good to have to similar entities close together ( yet we heard recently the CVS might be placed right next to the Walgreens in one of his properties)

800 FEET FROM A TRAIN STATION - Originally to have this same benefit ,tproperties  would have to be within 800 ft of a train . We understand this last feature - or at least the 800 feet part of it - was removed from the latest submission  so many more properties in the township would now gain rights via this ordinance.  And we have no analysis of what  ones they might be and how these other areas might be affected . Properties could possibly be merged while residents nearby suspected nothing.  

PROTECTING  OUR RIGHTS  The absurdity of these requests is matched only by the fact that there are some in our Township all too eager to endorse them, rather than to protect our zoning laws, to protect the rights of the residents that live here and build community here, and to prevent developers from using our own zoning laws as they are private tools for success.      He is simply asking for much more than the rights that he bought with the property, and these increased rights for him will come at the expense of the neighbors that live nearby as well as all others who live and travel through our Township and who will be facing the traffic that this inconvenient location will generate.  (This paragraph written prior to the November submissions)

 The actual ordinance
: You will find the most recent submission here

   Drawing of the project :  Here is
the drawing that was valid 10-23-12 

    "Side By Side"  summary  of some of his rights by current law vs. what he wants to have - please click here - This was done prior to the November 2012 document submissions but gives you an idea of the extent of his request to have rights that trump everyone else's . Every developer should be required to give this kind of analysis with every submission - because many submissions  are so complicated that even those voting on them do not understand them. 

   The rights that he currently has on the property  are found in our codebook . The property  is zoned  PB which is Planned Business . Patience: this loads slowly Planned Business District Zoning - Pages 42 to 51 of the Abington Twp zoning code


Dec 6th - hearing - to pass the ordinance that will allow Mr Goodman to rewrite our laws in his interests.  the planning commission turned it down 11-19-12 The Environmental Advisory Council also gave it a thumbs down. A dozen neighbors spoke- all of them against it - and prior to this many neighbors have made their voices heard.  Any Commissioner that is voting for this is not hearing the residents that they serve, nor their advisors.

What's missing is a side by side comparison of the rights he bought and the way he wants to change it . We tried to do that ourselves but it should be done by officials and professionals whoo know the code .  Especially knowing that this will affect other property (  and residences near this property.   The work to do this comparison should be done once, fully,  by the developer to provide each time he submits a plan , and it should be checked by township personnel and made available to residents. As we can see clearly in this case that no number of submissions seems to be a problem for the developer. So he should bear the costs of this "adventure" .
 Once a proper comparision is done, so we actually KNOW what he is changing , that comparison should be posted so that all who are approving this actually understand it .  Every Township resident is impacted by these decisions. And they have traditionally been done by keeping the information as difficult to get as possible. That is outstandingly evident in this case .  It makes no sense to have a comparison  tediously redone by all who need it in order to vote, comment or know what is happening to their homes and their Township. And it mind-bogling to think that those who vote won't even understand the consequences of what they are changing.    

The  orig request was  4,983 square – requesting 12 fuel service stations - (6 pumps 2 sided)
Toni Roni's applied ( while no one was paying attention)  for exceptions and/or variances on the corner property ( the old Texaco)Those exceptions, now approved, stay with the property.    Goodman proposes to buy the Old Texaco - recently approved for a Tony Roni's restaurant ( with firther setback reductions etc) and proposes to  build a bank there . Now with the reduced setbacks. His Wawa plan  then was presented with entrances & exits through this property to  Hilltop Road.

  CONFLICTS OF INTEREST ?   There have been questions asked about possible conflicts of interest given  that Bruce Goodman sits on the Economic Development Council  ( even though he does not  live in Abington ) and  his attorney, or someone who has acted as his attorney for some issues,  according to some reports apparently sits on the Montgomery County Planning Commission that was charged with  approval and providing comments on this project. That is unconfirmed and if you have information on that , please share it. He and those connected to his various projects  may not have voted, but their influence itself might be something for us to consider.  How do we make up our Boards and Committees? Are resident with resident concerns on these Boards or are they largely made up of developers who have a different agenda and more of a bottom-line view of what should go where.

  ALERT TO OTHER ABINGTON  DEVELOPMENT RIGHT NEARBY - Residents who were concerned about this development because of the increase in traffic should be acutely aware of the  not-yet-built areas that are either already approved, or going through design and approval now, in this Township area. These include the 50 -90 some new units at Rydal Park, 246 units now zoned in at the Baederwood,  97 units at Rydal Waters and 72 units recently proposed at the Noble Station.  In addition to these, add tens of thousands of square feet of additional retail, Medical Center etc   and a desire to zone similarly on all the rest of the Fairway area properties.    I don't think the residents locally, except for just a few,  have any clue that all these things are in the works or how they will impact this small area of Abington that already contains some of the busiest and most dangerous traffic areas of the Township. In addition, the newest proposal has the intent of creating a TRID (read more here ) and the added value from the improvements is to be funneled back to these developers, enhancing their properties, rather than going into the community as was touted to be the benefit of all the development.

 OTHER WAWA' S  BEING DEVELOPED IN A SIMILAR MANNER IN NEIGHBORING TOWNSHIPS BY ..SURPRIZE - THE SAME FACES.....   MR Goodman is not just writing  new zoning laws for Abington --Upper Moreland and other areas are  also  among his "conquests"  Upper Moreland DID set ha hearing date…. October 2nd 2012

November 19 - Planning Commission Meeting : we had been told that the planning commission meeting of Nov 27, 2012 is where this issue would probably continue- however just several weeks earlier than November 19 date, Thanksgiving week, was announced--- and all who requested to be alerted had not been.  Nonetheless with a dozen residents testifying, and a negative review from the environmental advisory Council, As did meet a 5-3 demise and was turned down by the planning commission members. 

Oct 25, 2012 - The hearing scheduled for this date was cancelled on Oct 23rd
October 23, 2012  - 7:30   Planning Commission - did not approve the plan . Called for a traffic study
Sept 25, 2012 A newer proposal was submitted
Sept 13th - 8 pm    Commissioners set the hearing date as October 25. (This was then cancelled
Sept 19th , 2012 - This  ordinance was pulled from the Planning Commission  agenda at 11:26 am -
                 supposedly due to comments made by the Montgomery Co Planning Commission .
Sept 12    Here is the Sept 25th 2012 submission to change the zoning ordinance to allow for Motor Vehicle Fueling Center -   
                         Please be patient as these pdf's  are taking a long time to load :
Sept 12, 2012  Comments from the MontgomeryCounty Planning Commission
August 2, 2012  - The first proposal to rewrite the text of the Zoning Code was submitted

AsAsk your Commissioners and your Township manager (click here) specifically to :

1) a SINGLE webpage on this with links to find meetings, updates & all the plans
2) ...tape  all meetings on this topic & air them on our public channel - the devil is really in the details
           -then  you can review or catch up on a meeting you missed . This is actually important .
3) ... post all the taped meetings on-line with time reference points and fast forward features
4) .. create an email list for all updates and - invite ALL residents via Township & Commissioners
            lists to be on it so they can receive updates in their box if they desire
5) ...provide a meeting space ( already paid by your taxes ) for neighbors to hold their own open
            discussions whenever they choose - not called by or moderated by authorities.
6) ... provide residents with a summary of  all changes  being proposed in  ( 2 column/compare style)
7)  Finally: neighbors, please make your own meetings open to all  - if you try to limit transparency
             hoping to benefit only your point of view, then you will find it limited for yourself 
             --- you will be part of the problem not the solution

Email me if you need help contacting others.   I also have a great deal of information about how our processes work and what is happening elsewhere in the Township that might be helpful to your situation.

Sept 11, 2012  Residents' Meeting :   The residents of Ward 7 were without a Representative. State Red & former Ward Commissioner Madeleine Dean was present  to help facilitate as were Larry Matteo and Mark Penecale from Zoning .   Here is the ordinance that was handed out .     At the meeting a brief presentation was given, then residents asked if they could speak before further presentation .       
      The zoning is labeled Ordinance2032 and the August 2 proposal includes six pages of the ordinance and three renderings .  In their rendering the property on the corner that used to be a Texaco station now is a bank.  It is connected to  the next property which will include the Wawa  pumping stations across from Chilis and then to the next sectionwith a  Wawa convenience store, across from Barnes & Noble.  In the drawing there are two driveways from the Bank property onto Hilltop Road, both across from the Jenkintown Day Nursery.
Residents spoke of the traffic,  which they have said is already ran this and backed up at rush hour on Baeder road, and tricky and dangerous at that intersection.  Some residents were apparently unaware of the plan of immense proportions that is planned right  across Baeder Rd  behind Noble Plaza - please read more about that here -- and watch it this week on TV channel (Verizon 24, Comcast 43) .
I cannot tell you how important it is for you to ask your Commissioners and Township staff to have these meetings put online.  All committee meetings should be online because, as Commissioners keep pointing out, that is where the nuts and bolts of these issues are discussed.
The developer is seeking to change substantially many of the provisions of the zoning that the property currently has. As one resident pointed out he knew  the zoning limitations of the property when he bought it.  
He seems to have no desire to build anything within those confines. 
In order to acquire a variance you would need a hardship.  So the attempt to rewrite the ordinance is a way of getting around that hardship issue.  Because of this , it would be important for residents to speak up at the September 13 meeting and ask Commissioners not to set a hearing for a new ordinance, or entertain any ordinance that so dramatically affects the rights of so many others.  The property owner has sufficient rights to develop this property - just not in this way.
One resident spoke up about many of the points that make up the substantial changes and others added comments on these, including a legal representative for one resident and a representative from the Jenkintown Day Nursery and  a member of the Economic Development Council ( an advisory body of which the developer, Bruce Goodman, is a member. )

Among the points made:

1) by having the back exits out to Hilltop Road all of the neighborhood roads would surely be used
          by all of the traffic heading to & from the Wawa as they seek to avoid the backed up intersection.
) traffic cannot go north when it comes out of the Wawa which will create a problem at the intersection 
and possibly in other places along York Rd of with people trying to turn around
3)  lighting will be a 24-hour a day issue and needs to be specified. It is not dealt with sufficiently .
4 )  green buffers are completely inadequate and there is absolutely none shown along old York Road
5)  signage has been grossly increased in this version- originally 50 ft.² now he is giving himself 65 ft.².  
The original height of the signs was 20 feet, this ordinance asks for 25 feet.  Originally they were three canopy signs
         41sf-the new ordinance allows for five.  His directional signs for in and out originally were for at 32.4 ft.² each.  
Now there are eight at 50 ft.² each.  Outrageous increases over what should be allowed .
6) noise will be a problem - heaters generators delivery trucks  -  in the experience of many, the deliveries,
         the garbage trucks, etc. for such an operation are often excessively noisy.

Three extremely cogent points made by residents :
         One resident  asked   who IS it that approves such a thing - when the developers write the ordinances themselves and disregard all the rules already in place .  The answer here is, in effect, that the first request for variances would have had to have been almost certainly turned down because there is no hardship other than the developer's own economics present. But by doing this, they have only to ask the 15 Commissioners, many of them friends and long-standing colleagues of this developer. They seem, as other instances would support,  to have the ability to re-zone at will, especially when not challenged legally or very forcefully.
        Another resident brought to light the fact that this developer knew his rights when he bought the property. And he seems to have no interest in abiding by them.
And a third resident mentioned that this is a community ...a neighborhood... and this kind of over-building can shatter it. These are people's lives, homes, peace and quiet and safety at stake.

        Of crucial importance to the residents of this area is the need to understand TOD's and TRIDS -  these are "Transportation Oriented " areas where the INTENT is to increase the density and Federal & State grant $ ( your $ ) are available for the development of the area. The Noble Train station is being slated for just such a transformation  by Township Commissioners and staff. Knowingly. It has been brought up in many taped meetings, including the Sept 5th Public Affairs segment which we are trying to have put online.   A Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee headed by Commissioner Stephen Kline is also busy rezoning many areas of the Township in this fashion .   Again please demand to have the presentation of the Noble areas put on-line and to have the facts on the specific zoning rewrite changes to date.  Your request will be to the benefit of yourself AND all your neighbors!  


If the Commissioners are required to protect the health & welfare of the residents that back up to  this property, how would they be able to pass and ordinance that would give one landowner excessive rights against the will of the people and to the detriment of their property values.

We are creating a history , with this Board ,  of rezoning a property whenever someone comes and wants more rights.  Yet residents nearly unanimously want their rights withheld  and the esteheic nature of their township preserved.

  THIS WRITERS CONCERN :  that residents, who are largely opposed to this excessive development, even while most do not oppose reasonable development,  will not understand how to have  their rights up held in this matter.  Getting our own Zoning Board to uphold the laws  rather than to expand them for the chosen few  while others rights are trompled upon.  This developer  arrived on the scene with an  overt request for whatever relief he needed to develop as he proposed  - outrageous that he would think he could get it passed. But he has many connections and much experience in this township and it is unlikely he would throw his money away for no reason.  He then imagined no problem in rewriting our zoning laws himself and explicitly to his benefit .  This should tell us how far astray we have gone.   There are only a handful of residents contiguous.  If the rest of the township does not join them to speak out about outrages like this, then the laws and the upper hand will be won by the money and not by the people who live and work here. 
     That the rights of some are being completely removed by Commissioners who choose or vote to give excessive rights to others is a wrong we need to recognize and correct.  The Commissioner are charged with the health, safety and welfare of their constituents.  Good government takes our attention. Learn the name of your Commissioner and of all the Commissioners who will be voting on this matter. Hold your own large  neighborhood meetings. Neighbors rarely meet, except in tiny groups. Most all the larger group meetings are  controlled by Commissioners and staff, because neighbors don't know how to contact one another. So share your emails with one another and get the information sent to your email box. Understand your neighbor's concerns and help him understand yours  - then decide together what is acceptable to you in the community where you live and stand tall together in demanding that your own rights are preserved If you all agree that you want a 12 pump station, tall signs and lights, 24 hour noise, deliveries and traffic like you've never seen, then together you can give the developer your blessing.  But more often these things are happening despite residents protests because we just have not learned how to use the tools of our democracy.





Proposed Ordinance 2032 would amend three sections of the Township Zoning Ordinance creating "Use C-34: Motor Vehicle Fueling Center"  allowing  developer Bruce Goodman/Goodman Properties to open a Super Wawa with gas pumps

The current Jenkintown Wawa would close
Commissioner Spiegelman, who has really kept his residents well informed  has posted details and  a rendering
Tuesday, September 11, 7:00PM: Baederwood neighborhood meeting on the proposed zoning The meeting is billed as specifically for the residents of Baederwood, since that's where the proposed Super Wawa would go, but I believe no Abington residents, whose tax monies go to pay for the personnel and expenses involved with the dispersion of information on these issues that affect us all,  should be barred from any informational meeting.  Respectfully, nearby residents should be given ample time to be heard - but the concerns of all should be heard by all. Nothing that happens in this Township affects just one small group of us. All should be welcome to hear the concerns of their neighbors and to let their neighbors hear their concerns. Where else will the rest of the residents get proper information before the Sept 13th meeting?

Everything below this line was written pre 9-12 and may be outdated or may be relevant - please be sure you have current information - the propasal has changed ( more than a few times)


Wawa Site Aerial View
Application and  including the requested variances  
Original  application  & site plan

    The February 21,  2012 7:00PM - Zoning Hearing Board will NOT hear this  application  a letter was sent  anround circa 2-12 that the developer will bring this before the Board of Commissioners instead of the Zoning Hearing Board

    12-13-11 Zoning Hearing  7pm Township Building  -   Below is a summary of some of the  details of the zoning variances being applied for by Goodman Properties .  Here is one INCEDIBLY disconcerting line from an enormously disconcerting application

12-13-11 Zoning Hearing  7pm Township Building  -   Below is a summary of some of the  details of the zoning variances being applied for by Goodman Properties .  Here is one INCEDIBLY disconcerting line from an enormously disconcerting application
The applicant requests ......All other relief as may be deemed necessary to allow for the development of this property as proposed.
Mr Goodman, you may or may not know, though not an Abington resident, sits (or sat) on the Economic Development Board of our Township . The Economic Development Board SHOULD in my own esteem, I hope in yours, too, be safeguarding the quality of our community.  The use that he proposes for this property has nothing whatsoever in common with the rights that he bought with the property. He would like to violate nearly every wish and safeguard that we have to make our community what we would like it to be  ( and those are already  too few ) .

   I hope you will read the list of variances being requested, be mindful of the fact that part of the land he is using is zoned residential and it abuts residential, and please ask yourself  how he would have the temerity to even think that this would be approved.   Being a saavy developer, who has extremely close connections to nearly everyone that would be part of the approval process, I doubt Mr Goodman would  have wasted his money without some sense that it WOULD be approved.

   The presentation is not just being made during the holidays, greatly fortuitous timing, but the hearing will also be held on the night  of another emotionally charged convenience store  hearing . This means the presentation would likely drag into the latest hours possible, when many would likely have to go home .

Please read the summaries ---and please do not let your voice go unheard - holidays notwithstanding .
If this is allowed, I believe some resignations should be sought . I would be glad to hear your thoughts.

Aplication excerpts   

800 & 808 Old York Road, (near Baeder Rd)
Goodman Properties  
215-885-8383c/o Goodman Properties 636 Old York Road/2nd Floor Jenkintown, PA 19046  proposes a  Wawa Store of 4,983 square – requesting
12 fuel service stations ( 6 pumps 2 sided)
 A use variance from Section 402.2.A to allow for a Use C-8 Convenience Store
Dimensional variances have been requested from
         Section 706 .C.8.f to allow for the square footage of the store to exceed 3,000 square feet,
Section 402.3 to allow for a reduction of the front, side and rear yard setbacks,
         Section 402.4.L to allow for reductions of the required landscaped buffers adjoining the front side and
                 residential property lines.
n interpretation of Section 702.B and 702.C of the Zoning Ordinance concerning principal use.
              In the alternative, a variance.
A dimensional variance from Section 706.A to allow for the retaining wall to exceed 6 feet in height.
A dimensional variance
 from :
              Section 706
to allow for parking within the buffer areas
706.C.25 pertaining to the number of employees per square footage of the building.
A variance from Section 801 .C  to allow for the construction of the building to encroach into the required setbacks.
special exception to allow for a change of grade of more than three feet within 100 feet of a property line.
A variance from Section 801.L pertaining to safety
procedures required for a 24 hour operation
A  variance from Section 801
.T to allow for a 24 hour operation that shares a property  line with residential uses.
A dimensional
variance to allow for the on-site parking stalls to be reduced to nine feet in width
A variance from Section 1005 to allow for the support for the free standing sign to be located within the 10 foot setback
. Variances from100S.2 .B to allow for the proposed free standing signage, wall signage , canopy sign age,
             directional signage and signage on the proposed fuel pumps
elief from Section 1007 as amended by Ordinance #1943 to allow for the LED fuel cost portion of the proposed signage
                to change copy more than once e
very  24 hours.
All other relief as may be deemed necessary to allow for the development of this property as proposed.

 The property is zoned within the
(PB) Planned Business District and R-2 Residential District of Ward #7 of the Township of Abington.

1.        Note: This is scheduled for Dec 13th The next scheduled meeting of the Zoning Hearing Board will be held on Tuesday, January 17,  2012 . That meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in the Second Floor Board Room of the Abington Township Administration Building. located at 1176 Old York


1.        A use variance from Section 402.2.A to allow a Convenience Store (C-8) in a IJB and R-2 Residential District.

2.        A variance from Section 706.C.8.f to allow the gross retail floor area of the proposed use to exceed 3,000 square feet.

3.        A variance from the requirements of Section 402.3 to allow a 35-£'00t front yard setback where 60 feet is required.

4.        A variance from the requirements of Section 402.3 to allow a 35.1-Joot side yard where a 40-foot mi.nimum side yard setback is required.

5. A variance from the requirements of Section 402.3 to allow a rear yard setback of

20.7 feet where a 50-[00t rear yard minimmu setback is required.

1.        A variance from Section 402.4.L to allow a 5-foot front yard buffer where a 20­foot minimum front yard buffer is required.

2.        A variance from Section !J.02.4.L to allO\:v a side yard buffer of 1-foot where a 6­fo ot minimwn side yard buffer is required.


. A variance from Section 402.4.L to allow a residential buffer of 1.7 fect where a 25-fo01 minimum residential buffer is required.

9. An interpretation that the Convenience Slore usc includes all uscs on til::;

______Qremises. In the alternative, a variance from the requirements of 702.R and .C to allow the principal use to account for less than 90% of the gross Ieasabl·e floor area ot~tITbUllliln:g,-----­structure, lot or premises and the accessory use to occupy more than 10% of the gross leasable floor area of the building, structure or premises for commercial uses.

10. A variance from Section 706.A.6 to allow a maximum wall height to exceed () feet in the rear and side yard.

11. A variance from Section 706.C.17 to allow parking witl1in the buffer area.

12. A variance from Section 706.C.25.E to allow more than two employees per 1,000 square feet of gross leasable floor area devoted to retail use.

13. A variance from Section 801.C.l to allow a building to be located Vvithin a setback or required yard.

14. A variance iI-om Section SOl.C.S requiring yard requirements to be measured from the inside edge of the resource righl of way or east:ment. (Setbacks from existing easements).


J5. In the alternative, a special exception to allow a 3-foot grade change within 100 feet of the property line; or in the alternative, a variance from Section 80LI.11 to allow a 3-foot grade change within a 100 feet of the property line.

1.        A variance from Section SOl.L.S(d)(e) to eliminate the requirements of "no cash on hand or exact change policies" and "cashier separation desif,'11s."

2.        A variance from Section 801.T.3 .C to allow a 24 hour operation of the Convenience Store as not detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of thc surroundi_ng community .


IS. A variance from Section 902.1.A to allow parking stall size to be 9-foot by 18­foot rather than tbe required 10-foot by 18-foot.

19_ A variance from the requirements of Section 1005 to aJlow a supporting siluetmc for a sign to be located closer to an existing street right of away line than J0 feet.

20. A variance from the requirements of Section 100S.2.B to allow for the fanowing SIgns:

1                     One free standing sign measuring 49.99 square feet witi1 a 20-foot heighl

2                     Two Builcling 11100.U1ted signs totaling 104.16 square feet (166.69 square foot and one 37.47 square feet)

3                     Three canopy mounted signs total ing 41 .01 square foot;

4                     Four directional signs totaling 32.4 square feet with

5                     Twelve pump signs totaling of3.0 squarc feet


21. A variance hom Sectionrmlv.BTto a 10wOITSite llire-c1inmrl-sigrrs-containing-----­adverlising.

22. A vaJ.iance from Section 1009.B.2 to allow ansite directionaJ signs exceeding 4 square feet in the area.


Applicant sLlbmits tbat the requested Zoning Relief shall not be contrary to the health, safety and \velfare of the surrounding community and Abington Township.

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