The Citizens Committee for Channel 43

The  Citizens  Committee  for Channel 43 stands ready, willing and able to provide Abington residents with  an affordable method of airing the Township Meetings and other programming desired by the residents on their cable access channel - Channel 43.



The Committee  will be made up of Abington Township residents who will  oversee and/or direct the airing of the Township Meetings ( working Committee Meetings as well as any Meetings desired by the residents)  on Channel 43 at the least cost to Abington taxpayers  and with as professional a quality as possible.   Our continuing mission is  also to have the School Board meetings aired and then to follow through with the airing of School and Township activities and events .  We intend to provide a vehicle for all Township residents to have an active voice in the programming and use of their  Channel, and regular and complete access to all information about the process, which is not readily available to them at the current time.   Prior Committees were appointed and  did not allow the participation of all residents and did not clearly reveal their goals on many important aspects of the Channels' management.


The Committee will be OPEN TO ALL ABINGTON RESIDENTS who would like to have a say in the use of Channel 43. Residents need only send a brief resume with phone and email contact information, which lists  their experience and  professional background, as well as some insight into any Community involvment and other information that they deem of interest to fellow Committee members.


The Committee will operate using email, internet tools  and phone contacts as the primary form of communication and will meet whenever necessary,  as well as periodically to get to know one another Accommodations will be made for interested residents who do not have  the necessary technology at their disposal .   


-To advise on the management of,  or to manage, the operation of Channel 43 within the guidelines set for the channel.

-To work with both Township and School  elected and paid officials, staff and employees in the on-going use of the channel, or channels if more than one is obtained,  and to insure that both Township and School District uses are represented. 

-To meet the needs of all sectors of the Community with regard to the use of channel 43 and to allow the participation of all interested residents.

-To preserve the Channel  as a vehicle for the Educational and Governmental use of the Community.

-To  avert commercial or other individual interests from controlling the content of the channel against the wishes of the residents.

-To manage or advise on the management of the available funds in a cost efficient manner.

-To maintain flexibility in the operation of the channel  to reflect the changing  programming interests of the residents.

-To seek or advise about grants & additional sources of revenue for expanded programming.

-To make recommendations on contract negotiations with Cable Franchise interests
concerning revenue

- To produce balanced programming that includes local governmental or emergency information as readily as popular programming such as sports or entertainment related to the Township.

HOW TO JOIN  : Residents need only send a brief couple of lines of "resume" with phone and email contact information.  Please list your experience and  professional background, as well as some insight into any Community involvement and other information that you deem of interest to fellow Committee members.   You may join at any time.  Just  contact us    The only requirement is that you be an Abington resident and over 18 years of age.