This is an ongoing worksheet -  as we get answers to the questions below I will put them in a different color and we will periodically send this around to everyone so they can stay informed.




Do we currently have 16 or 17 or ….?   Name the Abington Parlors and the date of their business licence  and Use and Occupancy permit.


Given the likelihood of the exact same human trafficking conditions at the other parlors, especially those that quickly popped up after Township law was declared unenforceable,  what  stats and research has been collected over these past  years that would help  make short work of  knowing which  ones should be shut down ?

Have some parlors been recognized as legitimate? How does the public know which ones these are, so that a woman, for instance, wanting a massage does not find herself in a “brothel”  or in a dangerous situation ?



Which of the 10 versions of the facts finally was decided to be the  accurate  version - there were 3 and 7 more sprang up //there were 5 and 5 more sprang up  , there were 2 and 11 sprang up  …   ( why have so many versions been offered.

Is Monroe Ave only shut down temporarily?  Will they change names and re-open ?   Do they even need to change  names …because all they had was building and fire code violations ?

Please tell us exactly what the violations were  - besides the broad code numbers  posted on the doorr)  and include the text as well as the ordinance # with a link to the  to the law.

Has the police department  compiled a list of the other laws that could apply to massage parlors currently ( before the  ordinance  Abington  passed on 6-10-21)  including such things 
about businesses not  being engaged in illegal activity, or IRS accountability for employee taxes, etc or  proper accounting for  of revenues?


What kept Police  from acting for TWO years - that didn't keep them from acting May 13th –  when the new ordinance still wasn’t in effect….

What would have happened if a child was harmed in the years they decided not to enforce …….? Who would've claimed responsibility for that?

4 years of inaction on a nullified ordinance is 3  ½ years too long  – and that was only with a grassroots effort – not on the merit of 37 complaints  including taking in endless  information  from those concerned.

How many of the 37 complaints were answered – and in what way were they answered (residents send your experience on this  to )


Did Michael Clarke alert  the Commissioners to the fact that it was unenforceable or only the police?
If not the Commissioners, who believed they had already crafted information to fix that problem, then why not? 

How wcan an ordinance be declared unenforceable outside of the public forum …….  There's something that seems terribly wrong with us passing ordinances and someone outside of the public view deciding that they are nullified but the public not being informed …. and possibly commissioners, too .....   with everyone thinking the appropriate measures are in place


Are there others of our  laws that have been declared not enforceable ?

Did Michael Clarke say that there was no way to fix the unenforceability and make 90% of it enforceable while one small section could not be enforced?
Were ppolice or Commissioners  told it couldn’t be amended?

When exactly was Commissioner Thompson told about the situation with the ordinance and the complaints?

When was John Spiegelman told?
  (He answered  at the 6-10 meeting  that about a month prior ) 

When was Tom Hecker told?

When the police  find a problem that it is not easy for them to control, is it not policy that they inform the Commissioners and seek to craft legislation that would fix it ?  Why  didn’t police plead with the Manager and Commissioners  to have law instituted immediately when they were told the old law wasn’t enforceable ? 

Why would Commissioners not be alerted immediately to something dangerous in their ward?

Why would the president and VP of the Board not be informed about  major investigations or major issues that might need legislation ?


 What is the responsibility of the landlord in allowing an illicit operation   to  take place – it must be assumed that he had every reason to know and was even told directly by police  who had enough evidence to involve the FBI, so certainly should have addressed  the responsibility of the landlord…..

Why are so many of the applications in the name of the Landlord and not the applicant themselves?

What laws or penalties are there  that apply to Landlords that knowingly rent to entities engaged in illegal business?

How much in rental income was declared  by the landlord ?  Is rental income on an illicit business  something the landlord can keep without penalty? 

How much rental income was declared by the landlord

How much rental income was declared as an expense by the massage parlor?

How much in business taxes was paid  each year by the Massage Parlor itself   since the Monroe Ave parlor was in business?

The system of not charging the girls - but also not sending them to a "rehab" facility  simply drives them back to their pimps --  where is the role of the police in suggesting alternatives that might lead to more effective legislation and handling  people at risk like this   (   - it would be like  arresting a drug  dealer and calling the addict a victim and not requiring  any rehab - so he just goes to the next dealer  or like sending an abused child back to the abusive home rather than to some place where they get treatment and training. )
  The girls are also breaking the law. Leniency is a very good thing but leniency without Life Coaching programs or other rehabilitation  is just a recipe for disaster. Where is the place in our Township for  coming up with solutions to things like this?

Many  of the girls may be here illegally.... Is that checked?

And what about the pimps  - either local or  in New Jersey or in New York???  Is that end of things pursued

After YEARS and years of complaints and at least 2 YEARS of investigation  and an arrest for prostitution,  how is it the shut down  was  not for running an illicit  massage parlor but was  due to  the Code Enforcement Department and the Fire Marshal’s citing building  code violations ( which could be fixed and they could be back in business rather quickly) . But if prostitution were repeatedly established there are certainly laws against illegal business .  Why was that not immediately  done  with undercover officers? 

It was stated that without cooperation from the girls “ it makes it difficult to prove a human trafficking case or to establish evidence” – but once they are arrested for prostitution, tracking the path of their money or support – or allowing them to “rat out “ the traffickers  to get themselves  leniency  should speed that job up.  Not arresting the girls seems to be part of the problem in how this is being handled.  .

It was stated that without cooperation from the girls “ it makes it difficult to prove a human trafficking case or to establish evidence” . Why are undercover  police not used to act as "clients" ?


PARLORS in Abington and nearby
Little Red Hen  List
 - who will help with these ?
---Website link for each
---Analysis of reviews – and capture text that indicates illicit activity
---Call to police to ask for the whole list (there may be 17 in Abington)
---Right to Know submission, if police won’t give it to you


1.    Jin Lian Asian Massage 2743 Jenkintown Rd, Glenside, PA 19038    owner Richard and Dorothy Angelo 
Sign Permit 4-22-16     -    Sign Permit  7-25-13   $300 cost of work - $129 permit fee   Applicant Richard and Dorothy Angelo - no owner listed  on sign permit
Sign Permit 1-31-07   $900 cost of work - $135 permit fee   Applicant Richard and Dorothy Angelo - no owner listed  on sign permit
Sign permit
Sign permit  Applicant for the signs was Richard J and Dorothy P Angelo - No owner listed

Entrance on Monroe Ave side of the building ----  the most residential area out of the massage establishments found in Abington .
This was shut down for building code and fire code  violations on 5-13-21 and  it had been the subject of at least 2 years worth of investigations. 
There have been
37 complaints cited from neighbors  as of  5-21 .




2.    Village Spa     430 N Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038 owner  Robert and Rosemarie Corapi     ///   Zoning Permit fee $250  12-21-15  ////  U&O Permit fee  $200   rec'd 12-14-1 5 issue 2-9-16




3.  Hand  & Stone  168 Park Ave  Willow Grove Shopping Center
(near Barnes & Noble – but that’s getting redeveloped)   215-657-6100




4.    Spa One   or The Spa 1   1167 Old York Rd, Abington, PA 19001- Also associated with 1165  Old York Road  This is across the street from the Police station.  
19001 owner Charles Steinberg applicant Yan Ying Weng  sign permit   cost of work hundred $90 permit fee hundred and 4951-29-19 date issued 2-08-19
sign will be on front of building and on window



5.    Jin's Massage Therapy 101 Jackson Ave, Glenside, PA



6.    Heaven's Best Day Spa - 1186 Easton Rd, Abington, PA 19001 ( or 1190 Easton?)   owner Vera Gallagher  zoning 4-22-16  fee $250   //   U& O 5-26-16




7.    King and Queen Massage & Spa 1930 Old York Rd, Abington, PA 19001  (1928 old York Road is also associated)   Owners Dennis R and Cynthia M Vogt-- But  change of ownership is noted with no date or no new name of  any additional owner or owners //// HVAC work No owner listed no applicant listed HVAC unit on roof cost of work $8000 permit fee $109 9-1114
install 36 square-foot wall sign for king and queen massage and spa electrical cost $4500 permit fee $109 September 5, 2014 ///use and occupancy 1-28-15 feed $200 ////use and occupancy 11-5-18 date received $200 date issued 1-8-19/// plumbing work done 9-10-14 by plumber David Jen///12-10-14 signage permit fee $ 170 - install 18 ft.² post sign for king and queen massage spa



8.    Tao Spa 106 N Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA 19038




9.   Simply Massage 141 E Glenside, PA, 19038




10.  Recharge/ Renew Spa  or  Renew Massage Therapy  910 Henrietta Ave, Huntingdon Valley, PA   19006 **   (also associated with 547 Rockledge Ave., Huntington Valley PA)
 1-13-14 electrical work cost of work $275 permit fee $19 electrical contractor be enough electrical contractors Inc. a great deal of work for $275 and $19 is the lowest permit fee we have ever seen 


11. Massage Envy 1575 the Fairway or 1631 The Fairway  
also associated as 1575 the Fairway    tenant fit out  No owners are listed  - Brandoli Property Management is listed as the contractor in various  places- And applicant in various places is listed as Baederwood LP 1301 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn PA 19312
10-18-11 HVAC $5000 permit fee $79 Stanley Cooper
10-18-11 electrical $18,000 permit fee $304 Meridian electrical Associates in Bristol
  a duplicate line appeared for this work but with no name given for contractor (Change contractor?    )
12-29-11 alteration cost $500,000 fee $17,000   no owner no applicant  for planet fitness & massage envy
8-23-11  alteration $70,961 fee to who thousand $634    Biasi  construction services LLC
8-16-11  sign $2500 fee $755 Forman sign company - no owner no applicant
8-16-11 fire protection $3375 fee $104 victory fire protection Inc.
9-27-11 electrical $22,874  fee  $364  no name given for contractor (Change contractor?)
 A duplicate line was given for this work and the contractor wasAxcess mechanical Inc. Pottsville Pike
9-27-11 HVAC $22,000 fee $249  Longs heating and cooling Inc.
-25-11 plumbing  no cost is given fee $264
5-9-11  alteration  $12,100 fee $404   contractor Brenda Lee property management


  Relax Zone Massage    2500 Moreland Rd. space 3089 Willow Grove PA 19090  owner PREIT services Willow Grove Park LP 2500 Market St. 215-875-0472-  use and occupancy   5-28-15 date received 10-26-16 date issued // permit fee $200

13. Juan's Reflexology  
1863-65 Old York Rd Ste A Abington, PA 19001   (267) 584-9006

Business website





Healing Path Massage Therapy   835 Glenside Ave #204, Wyncote, PA 19095


Massage Healing in Jenkintown
   921 Old York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046
(267) 627-4162

Lizhi health Spa   501 Old York Rd, Jenkintown



1)    Yun's Spa 2718 Easton Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090 

Elements Massage /  267-282-4215




Relaxing Spa - Asian Massage Parlor  107  Allison Rd.   Oreland, PA · (267) 367-7740


 Wan Wan Spa  82 York Rd  Ste 200  Willow GrovePa 19090  (215) 366-5645
In Upper Moreland  . Very residential area. Reviews Online  give cause for concern .  

Massage Therapy at Park Center   208 N Easton Rd  Willow Grove Pa 19090  215-301-0340



Handled With Care
    145 Rockledge Ave, Rockledge, PA 19046  
(267) 584-9006