Alverthorpe Park  

                                                                              Should It Be Open to All or Not ?

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   On 7-13-23  The Township passed the  new Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan done by a consultant who is not from Abington. In the Plan ( on page 150 specifically) consultant Simone Collins  recommended that Alverthorpe be opened up to non-residents.  But the vast majority of those we have spoken to do not want this.
Here's the Parks Plan  and a screen shot of the language we want removed.


joining our voices
   There are many of us that feel that that is NOT what is desired by the Abington Community. (Count me and my family  in that group and dozens have already raised their voices) An Abington resident has set up a Facebook page "Friends of Alverthorpe Park "  and  invites you to connect with others to make sure we have a voice and a choice in the matter .

PRESIDENT improperly TRIES TO SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE BOARD  On  8-16-23, President of the Board Tom Hecker  tried to speak for the whole Board to say that  this Township Board Of Commissioners  will not be changing the restriction.  However,  there are several concerns with this.  
1)  He is not allowed to unilaterally speak for the Board. And if he has met with a quorum behind the  scenes, that is  illegal  --- Board business must be done IN PUBLIC - so there is no validity or authority to this comment.
2) In addition,  the promise that THIS  Board will not  be changing the restriction to Township residents, also rings hollow - because in just a few month's time we will be seating a new  Board - where we  know for certain at least one Commissioner, possibly 2 or more, will be changed.
 Here is Hecker’s  posting:

GUESTS -  Abington residents are  currently allowed to bring guests from other Townships - but currently they must be with a resident.

  DEED BEING HONORED?    There is also concern that the land may have been deeded only for use by Abington residents when Lessing Rosenwald donated a fifty-four acre tract of his Alverthorpe Estate for use as a recreational park and cultural center. Through further gifts of land, the area was expanded to include over one-hundred acres. We hope to find out if the deed had specific language as others thought it might, precluding the opening .

  NOTHING IS PROPOSED YET - I want to make sure we keep clear that no “action” on this matter has been directly proposed as of this writing.    The recommendation was made by consultant Simone Collins in our Recreation Parks and Open Space Plan and passed by the Board 7-13-23 ( with this recommendation  intact on page 151 despite that we asked it to be removed) .  Many, many recommendations  were made in the Plan, and this has not in any way yet become an active proposal.  The desire to seek  federal  & state monies might be  the driving factor, here.  If they are sought - the park might  have to be open to a "wider" section of the public .
money can do harm as well as good    There are far more concerns about the  downsides an “opening to all” would bring than concerns about the park having too few funds .  At the time of this writing there are still millions left in the Covid Relief (ARPA) funds and Alverthorpe has a handsome yearly budget .   The manager raised your taxes  39% during hte Covid years - netting  $3 million more than was ever had before. We do not need federal or state monies. Opening to residents of other  towns will likely bring far more costs that outweigh any gain federal monies could have.  

Safety concerns. Costs of the excess use.  Maintenance concerns. So much more.   That is why  we would like you to send your email to join the list of those in opposition to the opening so you can get alerted to the latest  updates and please also join the Friends of Alverthorpe Park Facebook page. The Ward Commissioner is a member there, too  and will see your comments .   Organizing your voices in  in your own neighborhood will also be helpful  or offering to pass out flyers . 

What we need done is to have Commissioner Rothman make a motion to remove the item from the Parks Plan and  to recommend a Resolution be passed that Alverthorpe honor the wish of the grantor of this treasure and retain it always for use by Township residents and their guests. 

  WHY NOW?    Although there has been no proposal to do this, organizing and informing people takes time.  By starting to inform residents now - and learning how we all feel, while there is no proposal on the table,  it prevents a last minute rush. Trying to get up to speed and organize people at the 11th hour is a tough job.   Please join the Facebook page & get on the Newsloop.

  WHERE IS THE PLAN ? You can see the Recreation, Open Space and Parks Plan here – the recommendation to open it to non-residents is on p 151 :

  Here is the Township page on Alverthorpe

  who is the parkS director ?

Director Karl Lukens <>
Asst Director Scott VanCleave <>

i recommend you make sure to get it out of the comprehensive plan. manager richard manfredi has promised he will be taking action to see that the plans are carried out --- so something so universally dislikeD should not be left there for it to pass when no one is paying attention .  Here are your Commissioners - let them hear from you - and get it actually removed