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THE NUTSHELL of what is below is that you are being TOLD by your Comprehensive Plan team that, per the DVRPC population forecast for 2045  you need to build  to accommodate 2,911 new people in Abington by 2045 --- but………… nothing could be further from the truth.  What they SHOULD have truthfully told you is that it is their goal  ( not ours ) to add thousands of people to Abington’s population.  But they also aren’t telling you that the way they are going about it will lead to far, far more than the 2,911 that they say they are planning for. And they also aren’t telling you that once the Comprehensive Plan passes, it will be too late to change that dynamic. 
There  ARE only 2 ways the population is going to increase in Abington

1) Families in their current homes expand more than they shrink  ...  an increase that will require NO additional homes. These families already HAVE a home, so if babies are born, or kids move back home, no new units are needed. They might add a bedroom, or family room or convert the garage for Aunt Edna.

and increases the traffic, the # of students (at over $20K  for each) , the need for services, etc. etc. etc..   When we add units in the township - we are actually asking new people to move here. Someone will advertise to entice them to buy or rent these new units. But our  Township is  already 98% built up and has the second highest density in all of Montgomery County already (
Chapter 5 p7) . Why would we want to do that?


DVRPC is the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – and I was told they provided the population forecast that  told us there will be 59,083 people in Abington by 2045. That was 2,911 more people than we had in 2020.  A combination of my communication with them and what is written in Chapter 7 of the Comprehensive Plan gives this “simplified” understanding of the process they underwent to arrive at that 2,911 number :

1) First  they counted properties where units have been approved   
see Chpt 7 pt 2 p2
2) Then added  properties that have the right to build and might build using  acreage  Chpt 7 pt 2 p2
3) Then added  properties that Montco Planning Commission told them they might otherwise approve


                             A GIANT ERROR!

But DVRPC’s former
  forecast for 2020 of  56,172  was used as our current (or as our 2020)  population. That number is off by 2,330 – so…Uh oh -quite a mess.  

It's clear Abington actually approved way more housing than they told DVRPC they were going to approve when DVRPC was making its predictions last time around. 2,330 more .  And guess what folks -  Abington
 looks very much poised to do that again  -  in spades,  this time. I'm pretty sure they can't even control the number they will be "enabling".

Given the mistakes are pretty evident right in their own document, in charts, for instance, like this one below found  on p6 in Chapter 5, it is stunning to think that neither our professional Planner nor Comr Thompson, nor any others on the Comp Plan team caught the error.  Didn’t any of them read the document they were creating and approving?  



Any  Chapter 5  references above or below   are  found here : 
Any  Chapter 7 part 2 references  can be found here:

                  SO WHAT’S THE TRUTH?

First: let’s fix the error.  Our correct 2020 population per the Census is 58,502 . 
Next: They took the 2045 projection of 59,083 and subtracted the  erroneous 56,172  to get the population increase  of  2,911  that they said we “needed to accommodate”. 
The sky is falling – we have 2911 more people coming by 2045 and not enough places for them to live. Hurry! Let’s build … lots and lots . 

                           Where are those people? Lined up at a gate? 
     There is no one waiting, except developers who think our greenspace would look better paved over.

So let’s correctly subtract 58,502 from 59,083 DVRPC said we would have in 2045. You’d get 581.  Not 2,911. And guess what? Toll Brothers is planning to build 150 senior carriage homes at St Basil’s. That will be 300 or more -  and we already have enough other ones approved or in the hopper to have fulfilled the mission completely,  in their way of thinking ( that we had to build enough units to accommodate the forecast of 59,083 by 2045) .  So Hurray! Happy Day! Without doing anything we will have exceeded the 2045 number needed. 



  So OK,  if you’re trying to figure out if using the wrong figure for the 2020 existing populationthat was really just shoddy work – or purposeful deception….. ?  

  Well, remember that the process had 2 parts .

1) they had to figure out their population forecast for 2045 ( excluding alien spaceship drop-offs) and then……
2) they had to try  to convince you that you had to build to that number to accommodate all those folks….

 That should give you your answer.  And the overt deceptions in their answers to individual residents confirms it further ---- and the stunning list of ways they have sought to keep the information from the public kind of tells the rest of the  story.  They have refused to video the meetings, provide  interactive maps, to summarize the substance of it in newsletters or in the online version, etc. ....... There is little ambiguity in their intent.


                                  THE CALCULATIONS

     They acknowledge that half of the number in the forecast is accounted for already.

1) 433 units /723 people are accounted for in  proposed units already underway, like at the Baederwood Redstone, the Galman’s Jenkintown Flats, etc  – all seen on see Chapt 7 pt 2 p2 & also on p5 –

2) 302 units / 740 people (on the same page/chart) would come from currently undeveloped acreage all over the Township that they have calculated … (only if it is developed) .
So nobody needs us to do anything for any of those in 1 or 2. 

3) Then (oops… here’s the deception) they told you that 1446 people still needed to be “ accommodated” and they had to build units  somewhere to do that.  Lucky you! They have figured out that if they allow building on the parking lots at 4 shopping centers -seen on page 7-they can nearly accomplish it.   1,227 people will fit there. Lucky, lucky  you!

         Before you celebrate this incredible “find” with them….. uh …. well ….. you do realize that if they don’t allow building on those parking lots then we won’t have those 1,227 people.  Problem solved!

 So why can’t they just say: we want more people here – we want to build on the parking lots – whaddya think? We represent you.  So we care what you want us to do.
If you don't want it , we won't build it. 

Well – ok – It's not really a secret that they already KNOW what you think, except for a very few of you  who are very bad at math or just happen to like subsidizing developers and sitting in traffic and watching their greenspace disappear.    So tricking you seemed like an easier way to go. I mean... who's even paying attention ?  

In the final analysis :  We’re not "meeting" a forecasted number. We’re unnecessarily "CREATING" a larger forecast. Deceptively.


"Fraud involves the false representation of facts, whether by intentionally withholding important information or providing false statements to another party for the specific purpose of gaining something that may not have been provided without the deception."


 word for word

    Oh my – what a tangled web we weave……..  They just are not being honest with you. Here are their exact words found  on page 5 lest you don’t trust my interpretation:

“ Based on an average household size, this ( 1 & 2) would result in the housing of 1,463 people. However this is 1,446 less people than the forecasted population growth of 2,911 in the township by 2045. Using the average household size for multifamily units (1.67), we can calculate that there is a need for 866 new multifamily units (or for a combination of multifamily and single-family units that would house an equivalent number of people)…… Underutilized space in existing shopping centers could accommodate new residential growth..  

 Then they list their plan for the Shopping Centers -----   Foxcroft -Pavillion 131 units on the parking lot in addition to the 104 going up now  /// Noble Shopping Center -Walgreens-Trader Joe’s - 297 units //  Abington Towne Center across from Abington Pharmacy  236 units ///  and Roslyn adjacent to Giant – 72 units  .
(1227 units in total – found in the chart on page 7)

They repeat on  p7: The buildout analysis shows that nearly all of the forecasted population growth can be accommodated under existing zoning, once all undeveloped land where residential uses are permitted is built-out, and four shopping centers with substantial surface parking (and where residential uses are permitted) undergo significant infill development.

They're not mentioning that they don't have any way of  forcing everyone with extra acreage to  develop it - nor do they need to.  Some people like to have 2 lots  and some greenspace around them.  So it  is nonsense that they can determine how many units  the "undeveloped land will produce by 2045"  --- and we don't need it to produce anything.  It doesn't benefit us in any way.  Again, we have no line-up of people waiting,  just hopeful developers eyeing up the goodies.

                                             BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - LOTS MORE

4) Now comes part 4 of the boondoggle. All under the banner of
the trumped up “need”,  you won’t believe the massive amount of OTHER over development they are wanting to add in the mix – all in this Comprehensive Plan. Yes, yes,  the Plan is just a “vision” but, again, our Manager Richard Manfredi, promises that zoning approvals will match that “vision” as the requests are brought to the newly created Comprehensive Plan Consistency Committee. So… for all practical purposes, pleases consider this document every bit as good as a “zoning” document. They have made clear their intent to use it that way.  And the plan add Transit Oriented Districts with high density residential and commercial within a 1/2 mi radius of a train  or bus  --- and multi-family residentntial overlays within 1/4 mi of our Commercial/shopping centers -- including ON the shopping centers.

5) One more item from the Comp Plan numbers... In Chapter 5 Page 4 ) we learn “Abington’s population stands at 58,502. Decennial Census data shows that Abington’s population grew substantially from the Victorian era (2,703 people in 1890) to its peak in 1970 (63,625).”  ............So, OK why do we need more housing if the population will not grow to be more than 63,625?  Did we "lose some units along the  way "? That could use some explanation.  I am actually pretty  confident that  we have added many units since 1970.  Our 8-10 % vacancy rates may also need review. Just, please, remember how important it is to be able to trust the "reviewer" and not think they are  skewing their presentation to deceive you. 

6)The 4 specific proposed  shopping centers alone, they have told us, could account for  1227 – but the others that  document also recommends includes virtually all the other shopping centers  – ie: Willow Grove, Huntingdon Valley, etc. – which would now have --how much residential????  Plus in the  neighborhoods 1/4 mi around the shopping centers that will now have duplexes and tri-plexes - how many units is that?  And the  ½ mi around trains & busses  …. all with no numbers attached, no fiscal analysis, no analysis of the impact to our schools, our quality of life, etc, etc..  It would up-end the spot-zoning and regular zoning protections we now enjoy in a multitude of lovely single family neighborhoods.   It is the most irresponsible document I have ever seen..... and in 16 years of working behind the scenes in Abington I have seen PLENTY of those . It is so incredibly disrepectful to the people that are supposed to be being represented .

 I firmly
 believe this to be a fully corrupt process because of the withholding of information, and the overt efforts at deception in order to pass it. 
Abington has the second-highest population density (3,774 people per square mile) of all townships in Montgomery County-- (Chapter 5 Page 7  ) 

 No proper financial analysis or accountability is visible …..   a frightening and unknown number of new units will be enabled in their  “zoning to match  the vision” as they promise.

And this  is a clear lens view of how a beautiful community and beautiful neighborhoods can be
 transformed into something wholly undesirable. Many Philadelphia communities watched in horror as their community or neighborhood declined, without anyone understanding HOW it happened.  THIS is how it happens.  

                  IN SUMMARY

1:   Residents of Abington have asked repeatedly not to have the density increased unnecessarily. 

2 : Residents have a right and a need to have all the documents & have all their questions answered

3: Residents have a right to have meetings taped and aired and all communication tools used to help them

4: Residents have a right to have an interactive map to see if they are in one of the famous circles. (see the yellow map below)

5: Residents have a right to be told the truth about “needs”  without this kind of deception.

6: A vision that has been crafted in such a way that it becomes justification to approve a zoning change without a trip to the Zoning Hearing Board to become zoning, should require notification of anyone affected, just as they would be notified of a Zoning Hearing Board  hearing.

7:  Text and map amendments often affect other properties and give those properties the same expanded rights --- as BET did at the YMCA a few years ago.  Residents have a right to explore all the consequences of any zoning.

              WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ?
---First be sure to tell me if you see any errors whatsoever.

---Then share this out with as many residents as possible …. the link is

---I just got more signs – take a sign to inform others.  

---If you agree with this,  please send it to your Commissioner and ask for an answer IN WRITING - don’t accept a phone call. Tell them you want their answer to be on the public record and want to share it.  If they refuse to answer you in writing, please share that with us.  Ask about the deceptions, the refusal to inform the public using the tools we pay for and that no developer is ever denied the use of .  Tell your Commissioner how you feel about the density and that the plan should NOT be passed until the whole Township has been notified of the substance of the  “vision”,  since so much of the Township will effectively have a “zoning change” and the rest of the Township will be impacted by it. Tell them you want open  public Q&A sessions that everyone can attend  ( can you guess who they try to cut out so they can tell you things that aren’t quite true )  

---Copy your letter to  Comprehensive Plan Team Leaders who refuse to answer these questions. 
Commissioner Mike Thompson  &
Planner Michael Narcowich  

Here is everyone’s  contact info :

            SHOULD YOU CARE ?

Yes, of course, you should be upset about how they are trying  to do this .  The population numbers could have been an error that we can be shocked the “professionals” missed – but how they presented it to you was no error – that part I am certain they understood. And they are trying -hard - to keep the information away from the public so they can pass it before enough the public understands what they are doing. They would not have to worry about that, unless they were trying to get something they could not get without the deception.    

Again - if you think I’ve made an error please, let me know.  I want to be sure I don’t misspeak. I will  be glad to re-explain parts that I may not have explained well.

            THE TAZ MAP
DVRPC created a TAZ (Travel Analysis Zone) map to show where the properties they put in their forecast would be located- also called a “migration map “ because  (duh ) people migrate to where the available housing is.  If you add up all the numbers on the map you get :  2732 people .  179 shy of the supposed 2911 forecast  ----   



Draft chapters are available for public viewing here-
or here
Vision2035, Abington's Comprehensive Plan Update | Abington Township, PA (

Here’s where you can find the most recent census figures –


HERE'S HOW THEY PLAN TO CHANGE ABINGTON - THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MAP WITH THE ½ MILE CIRCLES The ones around trains (the T numbers) are still ½ mile. The multi unit residential overlay  around shopping centers (the “R” numbers). will now be ¼ mile .  Yay! A tiny concession for the residents . Oh, yes, and we got them to lower the ridiculous heights a little tiny bit.  But ----- what if we really don’t want this at all ??????
And what if not enough people find out before they pass it?