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Old York And Susquehanna Rds.

Traffic Improvement (but really so much more)
Multiple Grants = $2.8 M

FIRST AND FOREMOST - THE TOOLS OF TRANSPARENCY THAT YOU NEED  :   Ask your own  Commissioner and Board Presidents Manager Manfredi ( rmanfredi@abingtonpa.gov )    to make the  page with this project's info easy to find  from the home page of  our Township website.
     The project page should have all up coming  and past meeting dates, links to meeting minutes, meeting videos,  grant documents, diagrams, plans, etc. ---  presented in chronological order . What little info they have on this years long project is found by scrolling down on this page:  www.abingtonpa.gov/projects/ 

  Summary of the Issue - THEORETICALLY: STRAIGHTENING THE ROAD & IMPROVING THE INTERSECTION  - but at 2.8 million dollars , very little of what they are doing will benefit the citizens. Instead, a real fear has been the dogged drive toward the creation of the "Economic Development Corporation "  and the announced intent earlier for this to be its first project.  That would be the embodiment of your Commissioners becoming developers themselves - while throwing all the rules of fair play out the window .
They would choose the  players to do the deveoping, choose the parcels of land ( even use eminent domain if they wanted to ), choose how they wanted to zone it, decide whether they and their friends were following the rules (oversee themselves) , they would do the inspections or  write any necessary  citations for themselves if they didn't follow the law, etc etc etc -- oh my and they  would ( this was IN the presentation ) avoid nasty rules htey are usually required to follow like the bidding process &  distance themselves from the opinion of the public, use the public resources ( such a making the manager the CEO and using public works or the construction services team for $1 ) and when a profit was made, they would not give it back to the taxpayers that funded all this --- they would give it to OTHER friends to repeat the same process.  Does this sound good to you?  Keep your eye on this corner ---- a corner where NO DENSE DEVELOPMENT OR TOWN CENTER SHOULD BE BUILT.  It will just make the intersection more dangerous.

     A new bus stop at  one time was being inserted  here. That may have changed when they had trouble acquiring the Karate Studio.  By 2021  a major part of the plan seemed to be to make a transit hub and a "town center"  so that  transit oriented development (a  higher, denser, commercial /residential mix ) could  be built here --- and also within a 1/2 mile radius of the transit hub. As of April 2023 they are  simply continuing to not be forth-coming about anything  that is happening here, but what is clear , is that  just a teeny tiny improvement to the intersection will result from the entire $3 million project - and a real and significant intersection improvement would have been of the most benefit to the residents of Abington, most of whom use this intersection frequently, if not everyday.  Making a tiny road improvement, but then increasing the density and the traffic to the intersection has potential to make it WORSE --- not BETTER.  And at great cost to us all.

     Look at the sliver of blue on the diagram below, that enables a better turning radius and one extra turn lane.   And the density and pedestrian traffic making their way to the bus seem destined to make the intersection
less safe.  At one point $ 1 million dollars was hinted at as a benefit to developers building the density that residents do not want- but would be subsidizing.
 And by 2022 with the new Comprehensive Plan, single family homes within a 1/2 mi radius of the "Transit Hub"  and commercial center will learn that the "vision" is to remove their single family status and allow mult-family  zoning - duplexes-- triplexes etc.

   With  $ 2.8 million of taxpayer money  going into this project and  so  very little of it slated for serious improvement of the traffic situation why are they  creating a "Town Center"?   Would you do that at the highest crash intersection?

  It was suggested that a million or so of the money coming from these grants might serve to benefit a developer in his project  ( apparently in that we are making the improvements he would have had to make to make his property a money maker.   Is that how you want your tax money spent. Out of your pocket and into the pocket of an already welathy developer/property owner?  This is how hte "transfer  of wealth" takes place that leads to such devastating inequality. It's hard to see it actually happening. 

      The County Revelepment Authority  bought the 4 properties along Old York with taxpayer funds, but  just a  very tiny piece of the land, as seen in plans at the July 11, 2019 meeting,  and again at the Planning Commission 9-22-20 meeting, looks to be slated for use in actually improving  the intersection.  Information has been difficult to get.  That is another issue of concern. Questions, when asked,  need to be answered  - otherwise we cannot oversee those whom we elect, or know if good things are being done.

Here's what the Township hdd to say about the project as of 4-23

Old York Road and Susquehanna Road Intersection Improvements

Beginning in 2015, the Township has actively sought grants to improve the intersection of the Old York Road and Susquehanna Road in Abington Township. 

The project will address the demolition, alignment and reconstruction of the intersection of Old York Road and Susquehanna Road, enhance traffic flow, and provide better access in turning onto Old York Road.  Grant funds will be used to create a more walkable town center, safer roadways and a hub that will connect residents to bike lanes and mass transit, as well as cultural, education and commercial districts. This effort is on-going and this page will be updated as relevant information is available.


April 2023 

Site work and preparation for demolition will begin Tuesday, April 4, 2023. During this time, there will be limited access to the sidewalks surrounding 1100, 1102, 1104, 1106 Old York Road. The demolition of 1100, 1102, 1104, and 1106 Old York Road is expected to begin on Monday, April 10. During demolition, the sidewalks surrounding the building will be closed. 

The following information is as shared by Commissioner Spiegelman: 

“During the demolition project, the right southbound lane of Old York Road will be closed directly in front of the buildings being demolished. Specifically, signage and traffic cones will be used north of the restriction point to merge all southbound traffic into the left southbound lane. The intersection itself will remain open, and right turns from southbound Old York onto westbound Susquehanna will still be allowed from the remaining southbound lane of 611.

However, because it is inevitable that some southbound 611 drivers will see the lane restriction warning signs and decide to self-detour to Highland Avenue to avoid Old York–Susquehanna, the following measures will be taken to accommodate any such self-detoured traffic in the safest and most sensible way possible:

  • A temporary sign will be placed facing southbound Old York Road before Horace Avenue alerting drivers of the lane restriction at Old York and Susquehanna. This will give them ample opportunity to turn right onto the 1900 block of Horace (which is wide, is nonresidential, and has a light) in order to get to Highland.
  • Further south, another temporary sign will be posted telling drivers telling them that the 1900 block of Guernsey Avenue is DO NOT ENTER: LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY to prevent cut-through traffic along that very narrow and almost-entirely-residential block.

The APD will allocate additional patrol resources to the 1900 blocks of Guernsey and Horace and the section of Highland Avenue between Horace and Susquehanna, as well as to tributary streets/blocks on the east side of 611 (including Eckard Avenue and the 1800 block of Guernsey).”

March 2023 Verizon has scheduled the removal of their utilities from 1100, 1102, 1104, and 1106 Old York Road for the week of March 20th. The work is anticipated to take two days. This is the last item before demolition .The demolition contractor will commence work shortly thereafter, with an anticipated start date of the week of Mar 27

 2023 Utility removal within 1100, 1102, 1104, and 1106 Old York Road continues. Once utility removal is complete, demolition can begin. Demolition and site work is expected to take 10 - 14 days to complete. An updated schedule will be provided when available. 

January 2023Abatement is complete and demolition is expected to start in January 2023. Demolition and site work is expected to take 10 - 14 days to complete. An updated schedule will be provided when available. 

 January 21, 2023. Aqua - terminating water services for demolition of the corner properties (1100, 1102, 1104, and 1106 Old York Road). Emergency vehicles will have access if needed.

October 2022   Abatement is expected to begin Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 1100 Old York Road. Abatement will be within the structure with very limited exterior non-friable work and will be done under containment with Hepa air filtration and negative pressure. Some non-friable materials (caulk, floor tile, etc.) will be removed intact with hand tools. Pennoni ( which is our Township Engineering firm) will be conducting oversight and air monitoring inside and outside the containment of the work area to ensure removal is in accordance with regulatory compliance. 

September 2022  Abatement of hazardous materials at structures located at 1100 Old York Road, Abington PA 19001 contract and the demolition of existing structures at 1100 Old York Road, Abington PA 19001 contract awards will be on the Board of Commissioners, September 8, 2022 agenda for consideration. 

August 2022 Abatement of hazardous materials at structures at 1100 Old York Road, contract and the demolition of existing structures -contract bids will be due on August 30, 2022 at 11 AM.  All documents and solicitation details are available any time at PennBid™ (https://pennbid.procureware.com/home) by clicking on the bids tab. 
Progress on the design of transportation improvements continues.

July 9, 2015
Resolution #15-025 was approved by the Board of Commissioners on July 9, 2015 to submit an application to the Department of Community & Economic Development for the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program. 
November 10, 2016 The Board of Commissioners voted to accept the DCED grant award on November 10, 2016.  Since then the township, through the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority, has purchased 1100, 1102, 1104, and 1106 Old York Road.

November 12, 2015 Resolution #15-040 was approved by the Board of Commissioners on November 12, 2015 to submit an application to PennDOT for the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program. The Board of Commissioners voted to accept the PennDOT grant award on November 10, 2016.  

August 11, 2016 Resolution No. 16-025 was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on August 11, 2016 approving Abington Township to submit an application to the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) for the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program. 

On November 10, 2016,  a motion was approved to accept the Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF) grant from the Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) in the amount of $812,486.00 to support the Old York Road/Susquehanna Road project and a motion was approved to accept the MTF grant from PennDOT in the amount of $588,153 for improvements to the intersection of Old York Road/Susquehanna Road. 


See the tiny blue sliver of light blue --- that is the land that the 3 millions dollars will get us -- oh yes ... and the bus stop  ( the circle) --- and perhaps a slightly broader sidewalk along old York.    Those are the benefits to the residents at large  -- if you even think a bus stop in such a busy intersection is a good idea at all..or is instead a gift to CHOP   so they can bring  out of towners to them and to the developer (s)  who will build behind the bus stop.  A bus will  bring  him more clients.   So the taxpayers - rather than the profiting entities - are paying for all that development, while the intersection gets  a very slightly better turning radius to benefit traffic coming Southbound and going West.   Good  on that - but the new development that is higher and denser will bring MORE traffic  and pedestrians running for the bus. Very, very bad. One step forward - 2 steps back.   The taxpayers are further paying to have buildings razed and driveways widened for the developer (s) .  So the very definition of "economic development" in our Township appears to be  " out of your  pocket and into the developer's ".  Read more below about the Commissioners conflict of interest "Economic Develoment Corporation"  which Commissioner Vahey said he hopes to revive in 2022 -- probably in conjunction with all the re-zoning that they are doing per their Comprehensive Plan "vision" that would benefit it wildly.
Can you think of any reason why the "guy" who can totally rezone a parcel , should not also be the same "guy" that develops it  and also the same "guy" that inspects the development to see that it is to code?  Oh my. 

( In this picture below,  you can see the plan for a pedestrian plaza /bus stop  at the corner --which by the end of 2022 had to be scrapped as they could not get ownership of the property that is the 1st in on Susquehanna - next to and attached to the corner property.   They would have had to pay the proper value of the building and moving the business. ) John Spiegelman tried to call it a rumor that there was going to be a bus depot there .  It was a "rumor" started by the officials that work at his pleasure and produced this graphic. You can see the Pedestrian Plaza and Bus Stop right on the plan .  A plan Mr Spiegelman is very familiar with. And he knows the  Comprehensive Plan Committee  had been  hinting at allowing for  deep, deep density withing a 1/2 mi of not just train stations  - but possibly  bus (stations/stops/ or depots?) , too. We could not  get an answer from anyone if it must be a bus depot, not just a bus "stop" - or  if a bus depot was  a posiblity here.  Many people would be affected  by  this.  Mr Spiegelman and the Township simply are not releasing proper information to residents to answer their questions , or of changes when they happen, like when the Karate Studio was taken out of the picture.   Oh my - that was low, John.

Tiny Sliver For Rd Imprvmt

  Asbestos removal  Thursday Sept 8th  2022 Board of Commissioners Schedule
They will be approving the winning bi
dders for asbestos removal and demolition of 1100 Old York Rd . The progress is happening in steps - and the whole plan is being withheld .
https://d3n9y02raazwpg.cloudfront.net/abingtonpa/bd43c146-5798-11ec-85e3-0050569183fa-ca2b9c28-b9cf-4f17-b573-dd2752d4679e-1662494746.pdf    agenda at top – docs start at page 64Agenda Listing :
d. BOC-08-090822 Motion to award the 1100 Old York Road bids for the Abatement of Hazardous Materials of Existing Structures to Plymouth Environmental Co., in the amount of $152,000 and for the Demolition of Existing Structures to BRB Contractors in the amount of $168,500. (found starting on   p 64 of agenda packet )

Contractors told one of the residents they might start the work at hte end of September - but residents - as is typical for this administration - have been kept in the  dark .


  9-22-20 Properties Declared Blighted and Deep Density Redevelopment Plan is put forth
ere are the documents from the 9-22-20 Planning Commission (originally scheduled for  8-19 or 8-25-20 )  where  you can see their intent to build with great density and great height right  at the busiest intersection in Abington.  Literally a month earlier, Manager Richard Manfredi said they had no plan. He assured residents the intersection would be improved - but, that tiny blue sliver is the extent of that .
They could put an indent lane in for right turns with a right hand turn lane to keep traffic moving and make the intersection safer --- and that would make the  bus pull in and out safer, too - but they have not done that.  Accountability for the full 2.8 million dollars is of the essence - and people are needed to follow this up. 
So very little intersection improvement -  declaring people's properties blighted without telling htem - looking for approval of a dense development plan without even notifying the nearby neighbors, etc. When does hte diregard and disrespect for residents stop?

Here are the properties slated for purchase  in total ( but the 2nd one in from the corner would not sell - which changed all of these plans by 2022 )  I believe the ones along Old York Rd have already been bought by the Montgomery County Redevelopment  Authority as of this time ( 9-20) but by 2023 only the 4 in from the corner are being set for demolition.  All the ones along Susquehanna  were apparently not bought. As of  January 2021, the one 1st in on Susquehanna  - the martial arts studio - nearest the corner  has been the most intense subject for discussion - with the phrase "Eminent  Domain" in the wording.  They decided not to go that route by the end of 2022 - but as of 2023 have shared little information about how that changes all the plans .  They never created an Economic Development Corporation - but acted the same way as if they had.

Properties Slated For Purchase

    tHE 9-4-19  Public Affairs Committee Meeting  & the ATTEMPT TO QUICKLY CREATE  an Economic Development Corporation -
The Township began a quest to set up an   ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  ( click here)-  This is essentially  the Township would  "become the developer"  themselves - while simultaneously distancing themselves from the  development they are choosing to do.  They would simultaneously be the overseer, responsible to see that  the regulations were properly followed, as well as the ones benefitting ( especially if they weren't)   They would be the ones  handing out the grants --- essentially to themselves.  They would be enforcing the codes, essentially on themselves. They would be approving the zoning..... for themselves etc.  You get the idea here .

The roll-out /debut of the Economic Development Corporation itself  was fraught with  corruption as  they tried to pass a "blank slate" - hoping no one would notice.  At the  the September 4th, 2019 Public Affairs Committee Meeting, they showed us just how corrupt the process can be.  The ByLaws were not even filled in on the documents they agreed to pass along to have the full Board approve.  They could have put in any terms they wanted.  But they didn't .... and then Manager Manfredi put it on the so-called "Consent Agenda"  -  where, despite no Commisioners having publy given their consent - the Manager gifted himself the right to remove certain items from any proper discussion before the vote at the  full Board meeting.

    The Old York Rd project was to have been the first that this entity would seek to undertake.  I believe all Abington residents should be deeply troubled by the creation of such an entity which is intended to be a separate entity, with it's own  legal firm,  incorporated by our Commissioners  but then taken over by a "separate entity" not responsible to us directly, yet the Board to be appointed by our Commissioners and their intent would be to do business with your  properties, your grants,  the help of your staff and   your resources  --- and yet be answerable to few if any of the obligations that the Board would have had, if they, themselves, tried to do business with your tax dollars in the same manner.... No bids, for example are required of this entity.  Preposterous - when tax dollars are involved. 

   So it was disturbing that the  proposal - with blank by-laws,  was swiftly and unanimously approved at the Committee meeting withoutout any presentation of the caveats that would be of great concern to us .    And  even more disturbing to see the Manager put it on the "Consent Agenda" at the next meeting  - meaning it was deemed agreeable by all that it would pass and warranted no further discussion and should just be approved.  Of course that was the opposite of it's disposition with residents.  One Commissioner allowed it to be removed and to have the discussion.

     In a Township that already is spending your resources to conduct "business"  while letting their prime responsuibilities go by the wayside - allowing residents to continue flooding, properties that really ARE blighted to receive no citations,  roads to remain unpaved long past their due time,  trash to abound  in some areas, etc  - we should start to look more closely at how our money IS being spent.   

As it turns out - they could not gather the steam to approve the Economic Development Corporation in their desired time, and Commr Spiegelman said at the  9-23-20 Economic Development Corporation meeting  that this project was no longer going to be undertaken by the Econ Dev Corp.  The Old York /Susquehanna project has grants with deadlines . They would find another developer for this .  But just the day before, this project turned out to have the same kinds of warts and flaws.

View From the South of Development area   the are where development is intended

Old York and Susquehanna  is an intersection that many, if not most  of us travel every day.  It has been called  the highest crash intersection in Abington - and for that honor it was one of 3 to get red light cameras  right out of the gate.   For many, many  years it has needed a redo - but was ignored .  Now, despite 2.8 million of taxpayer monies, the focus seems more on building businesses owned by others than seriously addressing the intersection improvements with all those tax dollars.

We are a Township who has not been able to manage all the flood projects needed to give residents relief ( and at one point, 2 residents died because of flood projects that were put off.)  We are now considering taxing people a separate  "stormwater tax"  because rather than taking the money that was already taxed to do this, we want to take tax money to develop the "bottom line" of a contractor  at York and Susquehanna.  No one has asked for a model of what that is going to bring us  in revenue and how we will benefit from it. They want us to approve whatever it is they decide to do in the future whether it helps or hurts us.   Will there be apartments with school children.  What does it cost to send a child to school in Abington .   We can't afford to relieve people's flood  projects and also give a million dollars to a developer to develop the corner of York and Susquehanna Road.  We have roads in need of paving that actually are dangerous, we have  parks and other areas that need weeding and regular trash clean up that we can't seem to manage.  We have many, many things that  need attention - but what will take precedence when relationships with wealthy builders are at stake and when dollars that might be used to build political friendhsips are there for the asking?  Ask yourself this....  will you be somehow worse off if someone doesn't develop mixed uses at  the corner of York and Susquehanna?  For me, I know  I will get through the intersection faster.  

  HOW MUCH WILL A DEVELOPER benefit PERSONALLY WHILE the intersection IS MADE Just a very tiny, SLIGHTLY bit better than it was ?
Normally when developing a property, the developer is responsible for the infrastructure improvements  that are needed ......Here we are making a tiny, slight nearly inconsequential improvement to the intersection, not even creating a sepaarate turn lane, and then we are paying  a giant sum to create what the developer needs  to incentivivize deep density development that will make the intersection WORSE and nullify the  monies  spent on the imporvement .  Not unlike what we did at the Baeder Rd  intersection for the Wawa circa 2012

 Here are Manager Manfredi's words on 7-11- 19 . (from this video  https://abingtonpa.viebit.com/player.php?hash=9WiMZUQBCD2p  - go to 1 hour 22 minutes in ):

 There are three pieces to this – there are two grants from DCED and one from PennDOT  the total was 2.8 million for the whole project . We approved the previous (one) for these properties.  The Solicitor's in the process of acquiring 1907  
(Karate studio) negotiating –1907 . That will take care of these. This grant is to acquire and demolish these as well. The ultimate goal isn’t so much to develop this property, although that is one goal – but the ultimate goal is as an economic development initiative to make improvements in turning lanes at Old York and Susquehanna.(2nd picture is now up showing the small section of the corner  that is marked off to improve the intersection ……   note added normally the developer must make necessary traffic  improvements ) 
So if we were to demolish these properties and if the Township were not to develop it, you're going to be hearing more discussion and the board would be debriefed on economic development initiatives and corporations and other benefits by which to develop this property, but if nothing else by going through these grants in these locations we will be able to make the necessary transportation intersection improvements so that down the line, once this is all done, if you decide not to develop this on our own or through another entity we will at least have made a million dollar investment that will reduce the cost for someone else to come in and develop this corner in a manner and in a way that's acceptable to the Township.   So that's what this second $900,000 is for. Once this gets approved we will sign off on the agreement with PennDOT for the rest of the monies to come to us – and the monies we have to provide for the match have been budgeted.

7-11-20  Manager Richard Manfredi   promises that they have no plan for how they might develop this property.  Really? You can get economic development grants without so much as a basic  plan? Wow.   
7-11- 19 . (from this video  https://abingtonpa.viebit.com/player.php?hash=9WiMZUQBCD2p  - go to 1 hour 31 minutes in ):

Resident  WHO LIVES JUST 2 DOORS FROM THE DEVELOPMENT AND ACTUALLY BORDERS IT IN PART : " Here is my house Right now it is underwater because the Vintage has no storm water containment and it has been expanding over the past 10 years . There been several changes that have increased that - that's aside -  not  my problem right now.
   I went over this project with my commissioner several years ago when this  was presented to this group. The money that you were looking for was to buy these buildings. I was also promised that I would be in on discussing some of these project considerations.   I'm affected by it a lot. I have not heard anything. I have not heard anything. I’m very angry. Very angry. I have looked on your  website and I cannot  find anything. All I have is a program that was presented three years ago. It  was a presentation ….a PowerPoint .  There are problems at that intersection - serious problems. The owner of the Vintage says he's putting in storm water drainage . That’s not true.  I would like to be in on this.   I would like something to help. Those of us who live on the edge are vulnerable to all your decisions --especially me.  thank you,

Manager Manfredi answers: ... I wasn’t here when project originated, but I can tell you that there is no project as of yet. There are three component pieces to moving this forward and  designing it . The first piece is acquiring the properties with the grant funds. That was done. The second would be …..the ones you pointed to closest to the  intersection are a different grant . That’s  not this grant. The ones on the agenda for today, see the little yellow Post-it note , are those properties it , above the Vintage and above. And its for acquisition and demolition.
And then the third piece of it is the third grant from PennDOT which is on the other map and are closest to the intersection.
There is no plan is my point. And I'm quite certain, knowing Commissioner Spiegelman who was the chair of that Committee and this Board, that there will be a public process for anything that happens as we go forward.

8-20  - was pushed off a month - Read 9-22 -20

  9-22-20   Seems Mr Manfredi was wrong --- fibbing...?....... or had  other wise  managed in RECORD time to put the  whole darn shootin' match  of a plan together  --- since the  the Planning Commission had this matter as a finished product  scheduled for literally ONE month later (8-25-20)  . ( Here's a document dated 8-19-20  https://www.abingtonpa.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/16291/637338572977070000

That got pushed off til 9-22-20 . And yes ,  our very own misbehaving son, Steve Kline was back as a player. From his post as Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Commission, he submitted  the  request to rezone this property (his name was the signature line on the documents )   What Manfredi suggested about a public process sounded like a "yes " to the resident's request for inclusion.  But it was not. They were never invited to participate at all.

 The public process came after everything was decided.... there was no public input whatsoever  on what residents would prefer to see there - or how high or how dense they wanted it to be.   They (oops) forgot to notify anyone . They proposed exactly the  kind of density and height and zoning  that residents regularly decry. So.....whose town is this anyway? 

  Their proposal was complete  with plenty of drawings and all the necessary engineering and references to comprehensive plans etc etc. What they hoped that no one would understand was that once they put this zoning in  ( the heights, density , greenspace,  setbacks etc -  and gave it to a developer ( or their Economic Development  Corporation) , that the residents would have no further ability  to say what could be built there. That would become the property owners right .  If they could just  keep claiming that they had no plan till it was too late, they could get aaway with it.  Without a single meeting with residents before all the (expensive)  drafting was completed.  The lack of notifications of the  planning meeting , including even to the  above contiguous resident is contrary to codes and required procedures,   besides a violation of public trust .  In addition, certain things  they were attempting to pass were in   violation of the very law that covered their activities.  Properties that were being declared blighted were not vacant, had not even received notice that this would be coming before the planning commission, did not know their properties were even considered blighted . Some were far from  blighted ---  and even if they all had been, the law requires them to be given an opportunity to fix the situation if they can

The  township just wanted to be able to take them, with your tax dollars, and gift them to the developer. anyone see a problem here?  It was clear that the planners were aware of this . you could  hear the back peddling as they say ..oh no,.. we aren't really going to consider everything on the agenda --- just the blighted properties ,  not the stuff that makes up virtually the entire agenda.....  How do we manage to get  people  who rise to this level of deceit yet remain in charge of the things that matter so much in our lives?  How do we have a Manager and a president and Vice president of the Board who care so little for the constituents rights and interests?

  10-21  Fast forward about a year and we can see the Comprehensive Plan team putting together a plan that will include this plot  where  everthing in it and 1/2 mile around is is a Transit oriented District .... intended for just the kind of  density they have been trying to propose and we have been opposing  ..... Thiseir intent is to put that into the "vision"  - and then  let their newly formed Comprehensive Plan Consistency Committee  open our zoning document and zone it just the way they want it. 

  Feb 2, 2022  The Comprehensive Plan Consistency Committee meets --- and lays out their plan to open the zoning  and amend it per the "vision"  of the Comprehensive Plan team .  The public largely has ZERO idea what is happening here - but  multi-unit residential, if the Comprehensive Plan as it now stands passes is likely to be allowed by right on this parcel - and the higher heights and deeper density - and they have found a way to do it without requiring any public comment - except during the Comprehensive Plan phase ---- and since no one has been alerted to what they intend to do no one can feel justified in opposing it - They just don't understand it . And that's how they'd like to keep it . The transit zone is  being considered in a 1/2 mile radius around a bus or train station -   and there is a major bus station here ......  The Comp Plan Team - manager and Commissioners are all refusing to answer questions  or give  answers    --- while the residents , uninformed, are missing all the opportunities they have to speak . They still intend to try to lauch their Economic Development Corporation - despite the conflict of interest issue ---- they won't have to worry about the re-zoning most likely --- it seems probable it will be done for them in advance . 




SEE THE PLANNING COMMISSION DOCUMENTS HERE https://www.abingtonpa.gov/home/showdocument?id=16365


The redevelopment process consists of three steps:
1. Certification of an area as “blighted”, and in need of redevelopment.
2. Preparation of a Redevelopment Area Plan.
3. Preparation of a Redevelopment Proposal by the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority (MCRDA). The Abington Township Planning Commission must examine existing conditions and certify the area as “blighted” before the MCRDA can prepare a redevelopment proposal or exercise eminent domain as part of the area’s redevelopment.

The planning commission's certification of a redevelopment area shall be made in conformance with its comprehensive plan. The Urban Redevelopment Law requires that the Planning Commission find one or more of the following conditions to be present in order to certify an area as “blighted”:
• Defective design and arrangement of buildings
• Faulty street and lot layout
•Economically or socially undesirable land uses
•Unsafe, unsanitary, inadequate or overcrowded conditions of dwellings
• Inadequate planning
• Excessive land coverage by buildings
• Lack of proper light, air and open space

The Old York Road and Susquehanna Road Redevelopment Area is comprised of 1.36 acres, consisting of the following properties fronting on Old York Road and/or Susquehanna Road:
• 1100 Old York Road
• 1102 Old York Road
• 1104 Old York Road
• 1106 Old York Road
• 1114 Old York Road
• 1116 Old York Road
• 1124 Old York Road
• 1907 Susquehanna Road
• 1911 Susquehanna Road
• 1915 Susquehanna Road

The properties have frontage on the northeast side of Susquehanna Road and/or on the northwest side of Old York Road. The specific properties included in the redevelopment area are shown on the map in the appendix. 5 Old York Road & Susquehanna Road Redevelopment Plan Abington Township


Zoning Standards in Redevelopment Area Zoning District NOW   are in this chart
This is the  existing zoning district (MS-L Main Street – Low Intensity/Density)

MainStLowIntensity-current zoning

F. PROPOSED CHANGES IN ZONING, below, the township will consider rezoning this to MS-H Main Street High Intensity/Density in order to better accommodate more intense development than is currently allowed.


 E. LAND USE PLAN The land use plan for the Old York Road & Susquehanna Road Redevelopment Area is for
the full 1.36 acre area to be used for mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented, transit-supportive development.
The plan is for retail (which includes restaurant and a range of other subtypes) to be located on the ground floor of the development along the street,
with office and/or apartments or residential condominiums development located on upper floors.
Parking would be located to the rear.
 Specific uses in the mixed-use development are those allowed by the MS-L Main Street-Low Intensity/Density Zoning District.


The maximum residential density in the MS-L Main Street—Low Intensity/Density District is 10 dwelling units per acre. The township will consider increasing this density to accommodate redevelopment. ( but didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

The township will also consider increasing the maximum building height from 35 feet, the maximum currently allowed under MS-L Main Street: Low Intensity/Density District zoning to 45-50 feet to make an increase in density/intensity possible. ( but didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

Land Coverage Existing zoning provides for a generous minimum green area. This will be the standard applicable to the redevelopment area.
( residents are required to maintain 50% green/pervious  - they didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

The township will consider increasing the effective allowed building intensities and densities by amending the zoning map from MS-L to MS-H .... by increasing or eliminating the maximum building footprint, and increasing the maximum building height from 35 to 45-50 feet. ( but didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

If maximum allowed density and intensity were increased, its impact would be mitigated by preservation and possible expansion of zoning and subdivision and land development ordinance requirements affecting architectural components and variation, green space requirements, and buffering and screening. (( these could be required anyway - but  they didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

If maximum height is increased within the regulating base zoning district, increased height would only be allowed in appropriate portions of the district.
( appropriate according to whom - they didn't ask residents first, as they promised )These might be confined based on areas at or near major intersections, commercial and mixed-use areas, near transit, or with a minimum site acreage. The township would add additional architectural and site design requirements to the MS-H District for sites. ( that is all utter nonsense - if they want to add achitectural requirements they don't have to give away other things to do it  - they didn't ask residents first, as they promised )

These changes would ensure that future redevelopment would harmoniously fit Old York Road & Susquehanna Road Redevelopment Plan Abington Township
( but if they  had residents first, as they promised the residents might well have had some very different ideas about what was a harmonious fit - when do the "represented  get to  have any say in how the representing is done? )

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