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THIS  REVISED MAP WILL APPEAR MAR 15, 2022   at the  Comprehensive Plan  meeting
It replaces the orig yellow one you can see below . Both show a  plan to dramatically increase rental and multi-housing units - driven by the Commissioners, the Manager and County Planner.  Yet it is a plan known to be completely contrary to what residents have fought for throughout the Township. They want to preserve the green, open feel of the place where they bought their "forever homes", not sell it off to the next developer.


The  Commissioners have hired a Manager - Richard Manfredi - who is ignoring service to the residents ( we cannot even get someone to actually answer the phone)  and instead is using your funds and paid staff  to cater to developing every last square inch of Abington higher, deeper, denser, less green, and with a future that foretells of crowded schools  and roadways,  insufficient services higher crime , water problems etc ... in essence towards a diminished quality of life for those of us that are here now.   

 The grey circles (ALREADY REPLACED WITH SMALLER 1/4 MI SOLID BLUE CIRCLES  ON A MORE RECENT MAP ) on the map below  are where they plan to impose a Mixed Residential Overlay -(ie multi-units instead of single family )   so they are targeting single family home neighborhoods and saying tduplexes or townhomes or an apartment next door might be just fine for you.  The question is -- who is deciding how our neighborhoods look? What do YOU think? Did they ask you? 

the dotted circles on the map beloware transit oriented circles - where both commercial and residential development may be rewarded with government funds (yes of course-out of YOUR pocket) to build deeper, denser, higher than we want .


Where are the voices of the people who "own" the community and vote this "government" in to act in their interests? I hear them saying "no way" when they do find out - but why aren't their Commissioners even telling them this plan is underway and asking them if that is what they want?

  ZERO benefit is evident -- all that is evident are downsides. In the Comprehensive Plan Committee's  own words,  they will be trending towards less stability and lower property maintenance  by reducing homeownership Township wide. NOWHERE have they presented even a small inkling of how this will financially impact the schools.... a cost born by all of us - or the improvements to our roads.  Many of us don't live in the city for those reasons. And there is already plenty of space in the city that NEEDS developers to provide upgrades. Where apartments are already approved and available.

they have proven an inability to present a proper financial analysis .   None has been presented properly on ANY of the development - as though it didn't matter - despite Manager Manfredi having imposed the largest tax increase ever seen in 2019  which was 9.9% increase ( did your dsalaries go up that much? and now he hopes in December 2021 to pass ANOTHER 22 % - so 32% altogether .  This was his plan within 2 years of his arrival here.  High tax rates harm us all -  just ask anyone from Cheltenham.  Theirs also was a result of corruption and the means used to withhold information on this budget and these development projects is emblematic of a government. In the Willow Grove matter your Commissioners were presented corrupt figures - no one demanded the correct answers. They presented a false view of the project. No one corrected it. Everyone knew . The Commissioners, too.


1) 1248 or more ?   WILLOW GROVE PARK MALL BUSINESS DISTRICT Bloomingdales will sell their parking lot to Developer Bel Canto  for the 1st building with 365 units -- maybe. Once the ordinance passes they don't really have to do that because the ordinance is not about one building.  At one point they even said said they could change that if they wanted, which is true.  The building they are proposing doesn't even fit in the zoning they are passing as they presented ONLY residential -- but the ordinance they submitted requires a % of Commercial or a % of residential in each building. and the ordinance requires a mix.  Removing parking at Bloomies will create other problems  if they DO revive the mall - which is supposedly their intent. Where will the parking go at the holidays?  Parking garages that residents hate?  Are they counting on not reviving it?    Also  many more units will be enabled and now they have agreed to 16 units per acre but will not tell us how many units that could be.  At the 11th meeting we still do not know. Because your Commissioners never required them to explore that - even thought the number of kids so many units could produce would be devasting to the school budget   Now they want us to feel sorry for THEM for the 11 meetings - instead of for the residents who had to sit through them all while information was withheld and lies were told.
    John Spiegelman was trying to make sure it would  be fast-tracked   and passed before the end of 2021 . Comr Spiegelman twisted himself into a pretzel on 10-14-21 at the Committee of the Whole trying to ensure that it would be done this year .....  creating a scenario where,  just like the YMCA issue,   the final hearing would have landed  squarely at the holidays ... where literally  everyone is busy with shopping, wrapping, cooking  and preparing for out of  town guests. After the pandemic year - vaccinated  holiday gatherings  will hold the number 1 priority for  nearly every family in  2021 -- and Spiegelman knows that.    
    PREIT  finally admitted to at least 700 units  at a Planning Meeting on 4-27-21 - showing a second building in Macy's  parking lot  -- but they refused on 10-14-21 to acknowledge that or to adequately say how many units Bruce Goodman or the At mome store could build.  When told  that the number of units was a matter of concern, PREIT's Herman  deceptively told the Commissioners   WE are only asking for one  365 unit building - once again ignoring what all the others can build.   That kind of chicanery should be met  with a firm NO !!!!!!   "No" to developers who lie and string us along for 12 or 13 meetings.
   He said there were conditions, like greenspace tht prevented some building from taking place , but refused to elaborate on it fully - because then it would be on tape and they would be held to it.  Again no clear number on how  much could or couldn't be built . Without that number - no financial anlaysis can be done. 
         Now we will be at our 12th meeting Nov 3rd with no proper answer to that question and with no benefit to the residents evident.  In addition the buildings they DID show were pressed  right against the main roads so you couldn’t widen the intersection if your life depended on it - and  our  lives DO depend on safe roads and intersections, which should be widened when  warranted. 
         Residents were not notified by mail of any meetings except the very 1st one.  They don't know where to find the documents and most all have been unaware of the subsequent 10 meetings. The website is so screwed up that no one could find what they needed. So the residents have had no say .  Of the meetings  a few  were aware of and did attend,  many were improperly prevented from speaking.  And no one can find the relevant documents that should be readily available.  The required mixed use and master plan have never been properly explained in public, as they pretend it is one building while submitting a document that includes a required master plan for multiple buildings .  The excessive amount of residential building enabled in what has always been purposly zoned commercial, so we would have adequate services,  is of great concern. 
  And if Preit tried to take those rights for  themselves and agree to a "cap" or other method to exclude the others, they would surely sue when they were ready , and claim back what this ordinance gifted them-- untold units - 16 per acre.  PREIT is not allowed to rezone just for their own benefit .  These would include
 At Home, Dick's  strip (Parkside Plaza), Visionworks strip (Park  Place), and Macy's, in addition to Bloomies.  Please take a look at the Promenade in Willow Grove opposite Lowes on Welsh Rd . The Promenade is only 402 units with commercial below and it is a monstrosity that does not have a "suburban feel " at all . The Mall district could become multiple times that, if this passes .  
And then ...... add to it the map at the top and look at the grey circle drawn around the Willow Grove Mall.The grey circles in March were replaced with smaller 1/4 mi radius solid blue line circles )

or condos and/or commercial
would become available with the apparent imminent purchase of this huge property where Steinmarts, Bed Bath and Beyond,  Pet Smart, Ross, Walgreens and others  are or have been .    It sold in 2014 for  $31.5 million.   Four buyers currently are considering it, per conversation at  Board of Commissioners Meeting 2-11-21 .. the  approval meeting for the Baederwood 244 Apts (or at the 2-3-21 Land Use Meeting before it)  - so.... coming soon.........?

 244 RENTAL APARTMENTSAPPROVED on 2-11-21 even though it did not meet the fire codes and has one whole side inaccessible to any emergency vehicles. This is behind the Baederwood Shopping Center.  This was originally zoned for 8 single family homes. begun 2006/approved 2-21  As of  11-21 still not built.  see more here : https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/Baederwood/Baederwood.htm

5) 104 UNITS  - NOW CALLED THE FLATS AT THE PAVILLION TOWN CENTER .. formerly : FOXCROFT / GREENWOOD AVE  next to the Fox Pavillion ……….  All the flood remediation and road improvements have been borne by the taxpayers in the Abington Jenkintown connections project. That normally is the job of the developer  There was funny business on the part of Abingtonemployees that actually enabled  the zoning approval in the first place.  1994 they started with Parking variances. 2002 they asked for  2 Luxury Apartment Buildings each 5 stories high. 2020 (zoning started many years earlier ) In Jan 2020 it went before the Planning Commission....  see more  here. https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/Foxcroft/Foxcroft.htm

6) Unknown # OLD YORK AND SUSQUEHANNA - UNTOLD AMOUNT  BUT  INCREASED MIXED USE  DEVELOPMENT  (RESIDENTIAL &  COMMERCIAL) And the question is  why? Because this is totally Township driven. No developer is putting pressure on the Township at all.   Who exactly is asking for this increase?  Certainly not the residents. They are opposed to it. Who have we elected or hired that iniates projects against our wishes?  Some properties are already bought by the County Redevelopment Authority and, on 9-22-20,  without notification to the property owners or to the surrounding neighbors who were promised they'sd be kept in the loop and be part of the process,  they attempted to  certify certain of the properties they wanted as blighted. (And simultaneously "sort of " approve a denser plan without actually presented a proper plan at all. ) These properties, in fact, are not blighted. All were/are functioning businesses . And they are not needed to improve the intersection. But they were wanted to make the  developer a nice little package to improve his bottom line. A nice "gift" . Eminent domain is being considered to take  one of the "gifts" from an owner who doesn't want to sell..
       The call here by the Township is for far denser development and taller development with  more residential units. All 3 of these things are very unpopular with residents. What's the name of the person driving such development contrary to the wishes of the residents who live and vote here? Why would  our Township elected officials work in opposition to their wishes and their vision.   In order  to “gift “ the developer more, the road improvements were  made to be very minimal.  Another turn lane coming South on Old York turning West on Susquehanna should have been crafted for better intersection safty and to keep the traffic moving.  It gives you a real clue what you’d be in for if you allow the Township to form their own Economic Development Corporation and use your grant money to act on  their own wishes instead of the wishes of the people they serve. The development includes a  bus stop in  the highest crash intersection in Abington – which , added to the  increased density at that intersection,  will  undoubtedly create MORE  safety concerns than are solved by the slight fixes to the road..
 What a way to spend $3M ......     https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/OldYork-Susquehanna-TrafficImprovement/OldYorkAndSusquehanna-TrafficImprovement-NWCorner.htm

stay tuned for this -- because they want to add residential units to ALL our Commercial areas Aas the Land Use Map at the top of this page shows -- and they plan to do it ala  the PREIT Willow Grove Mall method by selling off the parking lots and going high .....   it is found in the Comprehensive Plan Chapter on Housing .
8)  61 Units  70 Shady Lane  - "MISSION GREEN" Abington Twp  - They were zoned CS (Community Service )  this appears to be  19 Abington acres out of the 136 Medical Mission Sisters total acres  ---  completed by 2020 or 2021 - they are age restricted  units for retiring sisters.  The rest of the acres  are  in Philly at 8400 Pine Rd.   More will show up here  where there are some maps & info : https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/ShadyLa-70/00AA-ShadyLa-main.htm  In  the Philly part of the MEDICAL MISSION SISTERS project there may be a possible  549 units  -  That traffic will certainly impact us.  There may be a driveway out onto Shady Lane. That is expected to be  developed by  Aquinas Realty Partners.   Toll Brothers  said 11-4-21 that they were also involved somehow in this project and in Abington at the Mission Green part -- 135 independent living units, 80 assisted living units, 216 apartment units and 120 carriage home units in a mostly-senior community. It is all located  right  where Shady Lane  & Pine  Rd meet see this https://northeasttimes.com/2021/02/17/550-unit-community-discussed-for-medical-mission-sisters-property/ and  see more here  https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/PineRd-8400/00AA-PineRd-8400-main.htm   

9) 114 UNITS - RYDAL PARK   added 114 certified beds  Already added– their total units at 546 include 307 independent living apartments – as well as anoter 200 or so assisted living “personal care” & skilled nursing or rehabilitation  care  on a 20-acre campus. 

in 98 apartment style dorms Already added  Completed & opened July 2017  402-bed apartment style residence hall 

11 ) 14  UNITS - Crestmanor  for $17 million 

Only 14 units were added to the 32 of subsidized housing that was already there.   The Project cost $17 + million.  Only 14 additional families helped .  For that enormous sum  32 units that were already there were rehabbed  and 14 were added. A Community building enhanced and a storage area moved or built .  The cost isextraordinary - and an investigation into the finances should, in my own opion, be launched and the details made public. We can ill afford to house all those that need it, when such extravagant funds are spent on so few families. They could have bought them each their own home, ground included, for that. So who profited, and how much?  

12)  150 age restricted CARRIAGE HOUSE units or 105 REGULAR  UNITS PROPOSED AT  ST BASIL’S -- or 543 institutional units???    (NEXT TO & ACROSS FROM MANOR COLLEGE)  Toll Brothers acquired  an equitable interest in St Basil’s so they can apply to change the zoning with a text amendment.  The Academy  closed  at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.  The property  is zoned CS (Community Service) and that allows  a senior life care facility by right (Conditional Use) . On  May 3, 2021  in an  informal zoom with over 200 attendees, they  proposed  120 single family homes with a 50 ft buffer on the 46 acres -  On  Nov 4, 2021 they reduced that to  105  homes  with a 100 ft buffer and berm   - OR Toll Brothers would give it to another developer to build 543 units in a mix of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Life Care, Alzheimers Units, etc     Residents almost uniformly still spoke out against it and wanted to keep more of the greenspace --so they returned with a proposal for 150 age restricted Carriage House units  that would not challenge our schools ......  See the page on this issue here  

13 )   85 UNITS  -RYDAL WATERS  
  where just 45 would/should  have been . Done Already added The 2017 rollout came after years of zoning and land use issues. As of 2020 (?) finished and  (still filling up?)  The project features 85 carriage homes (twins) in a $75 million expansion behind Rydal Park. Land maneuvers  began in the early to mid 2000’s - another company first bought the land, clear cut it removing 45 acres of largely forested lands and causing flooding already below int eh shopping center lots. This company  rezoned it, and then went bankrupt at which time it was sold back to Rydal Park's parent company Presby Inspired Life. Besides the 85 cottages,  a clubhouse with fitness center, multipurpose space, cocktail lounge, heated swimming pool, fire pit, dog park, walking trails and outdoor grilling areas. https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/RydalWaters/RydalWaters.htm

 When Penn State  rezoned CS (Community Service) Districts for College Campuses in 2021 -  Manor College  got the right to build buildings up to 300 ft in length  & 55 ft high   - including to accommodate their veterinary  program  - or other programs on the Horse Farm property .   The plot, zoned CS  once had a plan made for about 124   residential units and there was some discussion of a possible  160 age restricted units, perhaps for the Sisters. If St Basil's  passes a text amendment to the CS  district which is expected in 2022 - that plot will be affected by the new zonng --- but the whole plot  will no longer be in play due to Manor's recent purchase of  part of the horse farm land.   The change at St Basils will allow for residential --  Senior 55 and over --and  the Horse Farm would get the same rights . The plans that were  actually drawn up some years ago  (2012 ish or earlier) by  the Township for 124 units at the Horse Farm had you as the benevolent benefactor . Yes, YOU got to pay for drawing that up... Township personael did it, ostensibly to calculate “future impact planning”  ie: for EDU's ( amount of water  per home)  so they could assess future sewer use amounts that would be sent to the  Cheltenham.  But that of course wouldn't have needed roads and  houses laid out - just a "how many units are allowed  per acre"  calculation.  So there was, as there always is, more than meets the eye .  By Sept 3, 2021 a deal was finalized where  Manor College bought the Sisters of St Basil Faculty House and a "significant portion" of the Horse  Farm. So what portion is left - and what is the plan for that?  We don't yet know . Here's the announcement of the intent to  purchase by Manor  : https://manor.edu/manor-college-sisters-announce-letter-of-intent/  Stay tuned for what will happen with "the rest" of it.  

34 -54  Units  1209 Rydal Rd
   where only 6 should be - Quashed we are told - but  we will watch this site because 5 to 6 other houses are soon to be proposed at a minimum  A single  beautiful  home on Rydal Rd with 7+ acres that should support no more than 7 single family homes total ( 6 additional )  has a proposal by a developer for 34 to 56 units units - not yet formally submitted - but drawn up, as of this writing, and presented to the neighbors ... see more

16)  13 UNITS  770 Jenkintown Rd   - 13 condos --- listed commercial at the county - but could they become residntial via the overlay ?   Former Ruszicka Florist that was 1 single family house and 4 or 5 greenhouses was  bought for $500K   on  7-15-19 by a David Mermelstein / Howard Parsons entity called Dreck Properties Ltd  and they used the Planned Community Act to simply file a Declaration with the County and divide the single property into 13 separate  entities with a "common element" (in this case the house with the street frontage) .  Currently the Comprehensive Plan Committee  is intending to put  that property into one of its "grey circle mixed residential overlay zones"  ( see map at top )  - will that allow ... either 13 commercial condo's or will it allow 13 residential units.   We're still learning more about this one.  and since we started theis hte 1/2mi grey circles have gone to 1/4 mi solid blue line circles) see more

17)   54 NEW UNITS-  and  588 total    THE COLONADE /  100 YORK  Done Already added the 54  (588 total when these were added ) The Colonade originally had 534 units in 2  hi rises -  12 stories and 8 stories  - called the Estate and the Manor. When it was rehabbed circa 2016 . amid much controversy that included a Grand Jury investigation (results still secret at the AG's office), and a Whistleblower suit( that continues into 2021 ), they converted all the commercial and office units to residential  contrqary to what the same Commissioner ( who was Project Manager ) was doing in the zoning - where they were trying to force mixed use everywhere . They added another 54 (?) residential units . Renting was begun already in 2016 , they are still not full in 2021 . 1 bedroom Units were starting  at $1077 as of 3-21 .  See the former debacle https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/Colonade/00AA-Colonade-Menu.htm

18 )  Unknown #   KEEP YOUR EYES ON JOEY TATE'S AND THE USPS  BUILDING IN  ABINGTON OR JENKINTOWN --  apartments may have been discussed. Let me know if you hear more . I have no details.  Is it Jenk or Abington?  Help me out here .....



1) PENN STATE and MANOR COLLEGE  - PSU is rezoning for expansion  on College and University campuses.   Penn State is in the process of rzoning not just for the Academic Building  they have openly proposed, but the overall zoning they are doing is intended for "Colleges and Universities in Abington Township" ..... so Manor College would be the recipient of that zoning, too.  Setbacks, heights, greenspace and so much more.  They are trying the Township's time honored tradition of keeping everyone’s attention focused on the beautiful new Academic building,  and not on all the other things that could result and become a “use by right”.  In other words, if they can zone before you know what can be built under this zoning, then the use by right will mean no more input by residents would be necessary.  Manor College area residents have not been included at any of Penn State's meetings that I know of.  https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/PSUAcademicBldg/PSUAcademicBldg.htm 


commercial/ office /medical

1)  WAWA  AT ROSLYN THRIFTWAY – still in court?  Last I checked in, they were last arguing, essentially, over whether the alley in the rear is a street or not….Then I heard tell that the Township may have missed providing  notifications to  nearby residents - and that may also be in court . Updates appreciated.

2)  MEDIPLEX   on Old York between Eckard and Guernsey  20,000 sf of office space . This is good but built too close to the road to allow for what will be much needed expansions. More residential units create problems when job seekers so greatly outnumber jobs. Here there are jobs created.  It has yet to be learned how the neighbors will be affected  or whether it is an improvement   

3)  CHOP  Medical Building  at Old  York & Susquehanna (Former YMCA) . Expected to open  April 2021 .   Zoning process began for a vast number of senior units   that filled nearly every inch of the  property.  This ultimate  use  creates jobs and fills a need in the community . But the rezoning of the property which added a text amendment to our zoning  might add deep residential density on similar properties. And almost immediately after the  zoning for a supposed Residentail Senior Apartment  building was obtained, BET ( for Bruce E. Toll  with Michalel Markman CEO or President ) had a quite different client for it.  The  CHOP facility, which was no longer required to obtain  any input  from the  residents now had the use by right, even though the residents had never seen it, this facility was now legal there.
Their right to comment on what was going to be sharing a property line with them was thus removed.   Will Meadowbrook Apartments or other lands  near hospitals try to use this newly obtained zoning?  Thousands of additional units could result , for instance at Meadowbrook apartments and surrounding land with ( or maybe even without) a tweak from a lawsuit  won in court, or another tiny change to the zoning. Stay tuned. https://abingtoncitizens.com/News/YMCA/index.html


Development in Our Parks

1) MANOR WOODS  PARK  ACROSS FROM THE ALVERTHORPE PARK ENTRANCE was funded to the tune of $100K in the 2020  budget to move forward  on their plan---- but they won’t say which plan of the 2 that were options.  One was for a “park”  with trails but one included  a football field.  No clarity on which option was being put forth has been offered. Let me know if you hear https://abingtoncitizens.com/aaISSUES/Development-Zoning-CodeEnf/OpenSpace/Summerford.htm |

While residents planned a community center with computer rooms for nearby families
that may not have sufficients computers per household,  a basketball court,  meeting rooms for community discussions and activities - 2 floors and with a kitchen, the same $1.3 million  was spent on literally ONE room with a small kitchen in a disgraceful lack of cooperation in the use of funds .  The "room " is offered at a cost of $75 to residents - rather than free and used to  serve the needs of an underserved community. 

They state that  "REVITALIZATION PLANS,  STUDIES & INITIATIVES (are) INTENDED TO CAPTURE FUNDS FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENT "  - but largely they are doing just the opposite - they will make us cash poor as our schools and streets are filled and our greenspace disappears and our services go to those who bring in the highest dollar . 

The meeting dates and  Draft Plan Chapters are available for public viewing here- https://www.abingtonpa.gov/government/board-of-commissioners/board-of-commissioners-intiatives/vision-2035-abington-s-comprehensive-plan-update       They already were working on the   the  Willow Grove Mall Apartments Ordinance for PREIT when they began to craft this as their "vision"  that residential there was a good thisng. 

Here is the draft of the Housing Chapter  of that plan that shows the existing apartments  (4200 ) and  single family homes .  Resntals have higher vacancy rates, lower property mainenance and less stability they conclude. So, tell me again, why is it we want more of them?     https://www.abingtonpa.gov/home/showdocument?id=15104  

Before the public saw any sign of the ordinance they were already working on, they were busy Township and the developers had long been working on it. They were busy changing Right Of Way lines on map documents - with the help of your paid personnel - and improving traffic signaling so the mall wouldn't have to pay that.  Some things came out of  your pocket, not theirs that I believe should have been the other way around.   It was clear the " vision" in our Comprehensive Plan was being crafted to accommodate the developer - rather than the developer being required to comply with the vision.  Again - read  that document - much detail about our housing is in it ... take note of these things :

 p 1:"homeownership rates are typically associated with neighborhood stability and a high level of home and property maintenance///
p2 says that rental units Abington has over 4,200 of them with an 8% vacancy rate --so over 330 available at any given time ...
 p2 says appartments have much higher vacancy rates than homeowner owned homes
p8   a the bottom suggests that 1,141 new housing units are needed by 2045 (really ? why? what benefit is there to us? The mall might take care of this on its own
 p 9 talks about incentivizing affordable housing by offering zoning bonuses and changing the zoning of the CS (community service) districts to allow residential uses on those properties with no recognition that the  loss of  the CS districts is a serious one - CS districts provide us with  hte kinds of uses that enrich our community . 

Repeating the link .... It's an interesting read - and  geared to become a segment of our comprehensive plan that is underway.

That was then followed up with the next chapter on FUTURE housing & the Map that you see above with the grey circles (now replaced with smaller solid blue line circles)and dotted line circles . 

THE NOBLE TRANSIT ORIENTED DISTRICT  The Noble TOD  is planned out and ready to go. They worked on the plans more than a decade ago. (2008)  The  Transit Oriented Districts (TOD’s)  there  encourage dense growth around transportation hubs ie:  the Noble Station.  Citizens were engaged in 2011, inviting public comments. But of course people were uniformed  about the totality of the expansions Township-wide and had no clue what TODs and TRIDs are.  So their comments were meaningless.    A TRID is a Transit Revitalization Investment District, which  requires that all benefits from the revitalization be pumped back into the District 

unknown scope  of expansion .  Plan was completed July 2012
This plan identifies a number of important strategies that will foster further economic development of the Keswick Village area, including  streetscape enhancements, business and economic development ( you know, higher and denser) , and parking improvements. 

The Wawa at Easton and Woodland is underway  now at the Roslyn Rite Aid site. A Storage facility on Easton Rd.  was just built .  The currently available study b
egan  September 2009 – completed- April 2010. To be eligible for Revitalization Program funding, the Roslyn Community Revitalization Plan would  need an  update. (I believe it has to be within 7 years) .   https://www.abingtonpa.gov/home/showpublisheddocument?id=3112 
As of March 2011 a Comprehensive plan is or just was voted in - that also would be use for the same purposes

###### THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  - Our Commissioners want to have their own "Development Corporation" so they can essentially "become the developers"  while they are also the ones that "oversee" the developers - and grant the zoning approvals for the developers and  inspect the projects that the developers are completing and decide who gets the grant monies available for development and while they retain powers of eminent domain, etc etc etc . Who doesn't recognize what a bad proposition that is....... see separate page on this - where already unfair and   unscrupulous tactics have been used to try to get it approved...... (begun 2019 - they propose to get it passed in 2021 )  See Old York & Susquehanna above on this page.


      ANY PLACE WITHIN A MILE RADIUS OF A TRAIN IS AT HIGH RISK  for " transit oriented " over development 
They  are ( see map at top of page )  using  TOD and TRID funds to help them do that,  too.   It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$ 

On 10-14-21 The manager , Richard Manfredi ,  who already had removed speaking rights to the best of his ability,  announced a plan to allow the Commissioners to "amend" the zoning ordinance - and there is little doubt htat he intends to revisit the plan as his way of opeing a document that should remain relatively stable for many many years to give residents the security of the zoning that is all around them .   The previous zoning ordinance was in place for 21 years . Coupled with the map above showing his  plan to add  "Mixed residential use " throughout the Township - and to make TOD districts around trains stations everywhere,  the prospect of what is to come under Richard Manfredi, John Spiegelman and Thomas Hecker  is frightening.  
      Mgr Manfredi hasmentioned previously multiple times that he wanted to revisit our  zoning ordinance  and to change it to his liking ( and the liking of his developer friends. )
  I can’t tell you what a bad idea that would be. But now he wants to pass legislation that would let him do that not just ONE time - but, apparently, as often as his Comprehensive Plan team decides .   He first presented this concept  of doint it through the Comprehensive Plan on  10-14-21 at the Committee of the Whole - with NO OPPORTUNITY for input by residents.
    Our Zoning Ordinance served us well  from 1996 until 2017.  21 years later our Township was  98% built up.  Steve Kline - the commissioner who the could have been charged by the Attorney Generals office for his bad behavior at the Colonade,  led hte rewriting of our Zoning Code to produce the April 27,  2017 Zoning Ordinance, cutting residents largely OUT of the conversation and gifting  to developers & certain commercial property owners vastly greater rights at the expense of our lovely community and our individual rights. 

       It was this re-zoning that flung the doors open to developers - who,  immediately after it was passed,  began asking for text and map amendments  to increase their rights even further .  And developers and their associates,  such as our own land planners and our "County Planner",  Michael Narcowich  are helping them do it - while Manfredi and the Commissioners try to rewrite all our laws in their favor . 

      The newest effort at the Willow Grove Mall boldly used our County Planner to co-write the ordinance --- a complete conflict of interest.      Whose side is he on - ours or the developers?  Given that he broke laws, codes  and rules writing them, it's a safe bet to say he's on the developers side.  Our Commissioners have rarely met a developer they didn't want to do MORE business with. But their uncanny silence about what would befall the mall after the bankruptcy when they had been presented with a document that would allow potentially thousands of units that the public knew nothing about,  was an eye- opener. 

      Please, it is incumbent upon each of us to to put up strong opposition to any further rezoning  --- especially by this Manager who refuses to fix the most basic things that are broken and that keep residents constantly at a disadvantage  when access to their goverment systems, htat they pay for, is sought. 

            SHOULD BE  HERE ?    Please alert me so others can know ....


HELP ME WITH THIS, PLEASE - send any info you have  
 Many of these will likely all converge on the same local intersections

275 Units "The Stations"  in Upper Moreland at Davisville and York - not  senior
            An informal survey ( not officail) is that Only studio for $1,600 or 1,700+; one bedroom 1,800+; two bedroom $2,200 +.  
             all approximate
            Parking for extra car is $75/mo. Amenities $300yr  The complex is 57% full as of 3-18-21 ish.
            Tenants pay all utilities, which is electric, water and cable. Verizon cable only.
            No amenity fee now due to COVID-19. But normally $300 a year.
            There are pet restrictions. They require a security deposit and first month rent.

54  Units  "Federation Housing" Senior age restricted units in Upper Moreland on Davisville near Overlook  set to start construction circa March |
               or April 2021

402 Units "The Promenade" by BET Investments in Upper Dublin Welsh Rd- opposite Lowes. Not Senior. Commercial on bottom.
           Studio - $1,726-$1,821//  1 Bdrm + 1 Bath - $1,839 - $3,304// 2 Bdrm + 2 Bath -$3,627 -$4,833  //  2 Bdrm + 2.5 Bath - $3,304 -$5,892 
            Opened circa 10-20  40 % full in 2-21     ph 844--955-1568  quoted a 2 bdr for 2630 - may have had to reduce price The "Residences "
           (apts) at the Promenade are by BET . The single family homes in the back are by Toll Brothers

240 +
Units at Willow Pointe   2405 Maryland Rd, Willow Grove -  Built 2019 ish - filling up now
            https://www.apartments.com/willow-pointe-willow-grove-pa/ky9xln8 /

256 Units at  "555 Flats"   1 an 2 bedroom apts  by BET Investments  in Horsham  on Dresher and Witmer - not  senior  
https://www.555flats.com/#  //Or https://www.apartmentfinder.com/Pennsylvania/Horsham-Apartments/555-Flats-Apartments-sv7ser4  
$1,644 -$1,659   or $2,114 - $2,179   Opened early 2021 . Building finished circa 4-21

32 Units  in Jenkintown on Homestead Rd  where Church of Our Savior is - Not yet approved .  stay tuned....

86 units proposed  448-456 Rhawn St Phila  just a mile or two from Abington 

68 units  proposed
518 Hartel St Phila

Lower Moreland

  • SD 22-01 3262 Huntingdon Pike/Wei Wang-A sketch plan for a proposed 5 lot subdivision. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  • SD 17-04 Philmont Country Club/ Concert Philmont LLC & FC Gold GP II, LLC- a final plan submitted by Philmont Country Club/ Concert Philmont LLC & FC Gold GP II, LLC which will allow for an active adult housing community with 176 townhouse units. A copy of the plan can be found here. 
  • ZA/LD 21-03: 3001-3051 Philmont Ave- a Zoning Amendment and revised sketch plan application submitted by BET Investments proposing multi-family residential building consisting of one and two-bedroom units and commercial use.  A copy of the plan can be found here.  This zoning ordinance application was approved via public hearing at the December 14, 2021 BOC meeting allowing a maximum of 220 units.
  • LD 21-03: 3001-3051 Philmont Ave- a sketch plan application submitted by BET Investments proposing a 250-unit multi-family residential building consisting of one and two-bedroom units. A copy of the plan can be found here.

    A copy of the presentation made at the August 10, 2021 BOC meeting can be viewed here.
  • LD 21-02: 1430 County Line Road- a preliminary/final plan application submitted by M & B Associates proposing a 7,600 square foot addition onto the existing building. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  • SD 21-01: 1355 Grasshopper Road- a preliminary/final plan application submitted by Michael Marino proposing a two lot subdivision. A copy of the plan can be found here. 
  • LD 19-03: 2507 Philmont Avenue- a final plan application submitted by Commerce Pursuit Capital LP proposing a 196- unit, 228 bed senior living facility. A copy of the plan can be found here. A zoning text amendment was approved by the Board of Commissioners on December 10, 2019.
  • LD 20-02: 605 Red Lion Road High School a preliminary/final plan application submitted by Lower Moreland School District proposing to build a new High School and demolish Murray Avenue School. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  •  SD 20-03:  205 Red Lion Road-a preliminary plan application submitted by Ajvazi Fitim and In The Mixx, LLC proposing a 2 lot subdivision. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  • SD 17-02: 3530 Buck Road- a sketch plan application submitted by Huntingdon Valley Real Estate Development proposing a five lot subdivision with the creation of a driveway off of Buck Road.A copy of the plan can be found here
  • SD 09-03: 3636 Pine Road- a preliminary/final plan application submitted by David Mermelstein proposing one existing single-family dwelling and one new single-family dwelling. The plan was reviewed by the Planning Commission on May 23, 2019 and the Board of Commissioners on July 9, 2019. The Board advised that several items need to be addressed and a revised plan needs to be resubmitted. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  • SD 19-02: 1200 Calvin Road- a preliminary/final plan application submitted by Arthur Zharsky proposing a three lot subdivision. A copy of the plan can be found here
  • LD 19-01: 657 Red Lion Road- a sketch plan submitted by Ryan and Adriann Glunz proposing a 23 guest room/hotel bed and breakfast and one dwelling unit. The plan was reviewed by the Planning Commission on April 25, 2019 and the Board of Commissioners on May 14, 2019. A copy of the plan can be found here
  • ZA 17-04 Philmont Country Club/ Concert Philmont LLC & FC Gold GP II, LLC- a zoning text amendment submitted by Philmont Country Club/ Concert Philmont LLC & FC Gold GP II, LLC which will allow for an active adult housing community with 176 townhouse units. A conditional use application was also submitted and approved by the Board of Commissioners on September 11, 2018. A copy of the plan can be found here
  • Applications Completed
  • SD 20-01: Country Lane/ Aimee Schmucker- a preliminary/final plan application for a lot line change. A copy of the plan can be found here.
  • SD 19-04: 3463 & 3475 Surrey Road-  a preliminary/ final plan application submitted by Surrey Properties LLC proposing a lot line change. A copy of the plan can be found here.  
  • SD 16-02: 1400 Byberry Road- a final plan submitted by Toll Brothers proposing 60 single family dwelling units. The final plan was approved by the Board of Commissioners on January 9, 2018. A copy of the plan can be found here
     SD 12-07: Red Lion and Pine Road- a preliminary/final plan submitted by JERC Partners proposing 
       56 single family detached units in a cluster designed subdivision. The Planning Commission
       reviewed the final plan at their June 26, 2014 meeting and the Board of Commissioners approved
        the final plan at their September 9, 2014 meeting. A copy of the plan can be found here. 



How  many condo units or co-op units do we have where the condo association or  homeowners own & controls the property?

How many units do we have with "corporate ownership" or "association" ownership - where another entity owns the real estate other than the person who lives there? 

How and rental units do we have total in Abington ? 
4200 ( per
Vision 2035 Comprehensive Plan )

How many  homeowner owned single family dwellings do we have ?
circa 21,000  ( check Vision 2035 Comprehensive Plan )

What special issues do  large  ( 15 units or more)  apartment buildings or complexes do we have - where is the list the Township keeps ?

What is the % of corporate owned units in Abington versus  homeowner owned units in Abington ?

How many multi-unit residential properties presented any actual  financial stats/ benefits .... a proper analysis....... upon application ?

What are the  benefits or drawbacks of having homes owned by voting residents vs rental units with "corporate ownership" ? What can we learn from our recent experience with a landlord who threatened eviction to those who "complained" about the conditions ? 


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