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   HOT ISSUE : 365 Apartments at the Willow Grove Mall
  HOT ISSUE : Public Comment    
 A proposal to remove your rights and privileges              
HOT ISSUE : The Economic Development Corporation  
                                                              Not in our interest - if you have seen what they already have decided was, you will understand

  HOT ISSUE :  The Budget -
2021 Proposed
won't have the anticipated tax increases
                                                   because of Covid 19. But once again it is being put out at the last minute, with any fixes
having to happen over the holidays -- despite it having  major issues that
 discussion and attention. 
HOT ISSUE : Colonade Whistle Blower Lawsuit Update 

   INFO : The Greenwood Ave- Washington La. 104 Apartments saga

   INFO : The Boy Scout Preserve in Meadowbrook - down to the mud

 INFO Election Information  

 INFO :  Parks: Manor Woods is back on the front burner. And the Football Field Option is still in the plan

Public Affairs : The Economic Development Corporation - your leaders will use your taxes,grants & personnal to make profits through a separate legal entity.    

Development :
 Old York and Susquehanna  - Intersection Improvement? Or donation to a developer? See Economic Development Corp above after reading this

Development :  The new PSU academic building AND REZONING .- a new building-PLUS- rezoning 2 campuses PLUS  modifying  residential uses

Public Affairs :  Parks: Manor Woods is back on the front burner. And the Football Field Option is still in the plan

Public Affairs :  Your Speaking Rights were eroded silently without your knowledge - you should care.

Development :   YMCA Property - BET - CHOP  Proposal - It quickly turned from senior apartments to a CHOP Medical facility right after zoning approval

Public  Works :  The Edgehil-Tyson StormwaterProject - 12 years in the making by 2019 - finally underway

Coming soon - Zoning/Code :  If you are  paying an Abington permit you may be paying a hefty  extra "tax"

Coming soon - Finances :  Fee Waivers : What they hide and how they impact us

Government Stuff here :  ABINGTON TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT - Meetings, Issues, Calendars, Commissioners, Elections,Voting, etc
Calendars etc  here:  ABINGTON ACTIVITIES & EVENTS -  Community Calendars to find what's happening
Community Groups and Services here:  ABINGTON COMMUNITY GROUPS AND SERVICES - A list of Clubs, Organizations, Parks, Sports, etc
Development - The  Colonade / 100 York  
Development - Old York Mediplex  2018-2019
Development - Fairway Transit District Ordinance /The Baederwood Shopping Center/  Brandolini
Development - Rydal Waters
Development - Noble Train Station
Development - Manor Woods
Development - Glenside- Weldon Elementary School
Development - St Michael's
Development - Wawa On York near Baeder Rd
Development - Hallowell Fields - SPS
Development - The Huntingdon Valley Shp Cntr- Rite Aid etc
Development - Memorial Field
Development - Guernsey & York 711
Development - Galman-Longhorn Steakhouse - Near Lenox Rd & Fox Pavillion on Old York 
Development - The Old York Rd "Revitalization" Plan
Development - McDonalds/DunkinDonuts/ Roy & Chester
Development - The Williard Development in Glenside
Development - Rydal Green Clubhouse
Development - Development, Land Use & Open Space
Development - Eminent Domain
Development - VNA Senior Center - Request for Donation of Township Green Space
Zoning/Code - The 4-27-17 Zoning Rewrites Passed
Zoning/Code -  Bamboo Enforcement
Zoning/Code - Zoning Variances
Zoning/Code - Neon Sign at Noble Plaza & now Township wide
Zoning/Code - Sign placement in general
Zoning/Code - Advertising & Billboards
Zoning/Code - Certificate of Occupancy Ordinance 1994
Zoning/Code - Zoning Rewrites
Zoning/Code - Contractors
Zoning/Code - Illegal Aliens
Zoning/Code - Ordinances Passed & Pending --   coming.....

Public Affairs -  Public Comment /Your Speaking Rights were eroded silently 1-11-18 without your knowledge - you should care .
Pubic  Affairs Business Use of Our Township Funds and Resources  
Public Affairs -  Channel 43 & 24 Government Access Channel
Public Affairs - TV Access Channels - Keep Commercials Off!

Public Affairs - Non-Discrimination Ordinance
Public Affairs - E-Verify
Public Affairs - Deer Hunting  in Abington
Public Affairs - Jobs For Our Kids  


Public Safety - Red Light Cameras 
Public Safety - Police Matters
Public Safety - Pesticide Spraying  
Public Safety - Flooding
Public Safety - Commercial Solicitation Door to Door
Public Safety - Marcellus Shale - Fracking - Gas Drilling  
Public Safety - Emergency Information  
Public Safety - Cell Phone Towers
Public Safety - Anonymous Reporting
Public Safety - Fire Dept --   coming.....
Public Safety - GMO's ( Genetically Modified Organisms)-   coming.....
Public Safety - Phone Scams and Robo Calls


Public Affairs - Communications- New Website
Public Affairs - Current :  The Economic Development Corporation
Public Affairs - Parks in General
Public Affairs - Park: The Boy Scout Preserve
Public Affairs - A Place To Meet

Public Affairs - The $72,000 Township Bus  
Pubic Affairs  - Elections  Elections Matter-Prepare now for November  
Public Affairs - The Roslyn Dog Park  
Public Affairs - The Roslyn Skate Park  
Public Affairs - Hunter Soccer Clubhouse  

Public Affairs - Energy Policies & Grants  -   coming.....
Public Affairs - Transparency- What is it ? -   coming.....
Public Affairs - Get Your Neighborhood Connected -   coming.....
Public Affairs - Is Your Local Paper Bringing You the News ?-   coming.....

Finances - Tax Abatements
Finances - The Local Services Tax

Finances - Tax Collection Costs
Finances - The Budget for 2017
Finances- The Budget  for 2020  9.9% this year - $60.21 per average home  

Public Works - Edgehill-Tyson Stormwater/ State Road renovation project
Public Works -
The New Trash System

Public Works - Trash Can Size Changes  
Public Works - Trash-Roadside

Public Works -  Sewer System is NOT being considered for sale 

School - School Issues

Other Issues :  Beyond Abington
Other Issues: Environmental Issues & Groups





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